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Age: 29
Hometown: Portugal
About me:
M.U.S.I.C <3
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Recorded: 10/17/2008
Notes: it's not very good, i'll make another rendition
i love this song so much :) very well
rendered sweety
********************************kiss es
and hugs
Posted by sweetsoni on 05/16/2010.
very nice song and very nice voice
Posted by Shrugen on 03/14/2009.
Thank you so much for your nice
Posted by sharah on 03/14/2009.
Well done I enjoyed my listen and yes
you can sing..........Pup.........
Posted by the-pup on 01/12/2009.
Hey!!Thank you sooo much!! And i'm sorry
for the late comment, I haven't had much
free time!!
But thank you a lot
Hug, sara
Posted by sharah on 02/03/2009.
ai esta musica . . .
nao acredito !
e eu no outro dia a passa'la para ouvir
no bolinhas do meu homem...
Posted by tarinnah on 01/05/2009.
Very nice Sharah! ********:)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 11/01/2008.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Posted by sharah on 11/01/2008.
nicely sung... keep it up... all d bes
tto uuu... sing well... take care
Posted by kodax4 on 11/01/2008.
Thank you, glad that you like it!
Posted by sharah on 11/01/2008.
Who told this is not a good recording,
It's my choice and wonderful, take
another 5*s from me, confirm!!!!shiny
day for you
Best Regards
Posted by singernot on 11/01/2008.
u have an amazing voice..........very
lucky =]....5 stars
Posted by prirox on 11/01/2008.
Do you think so?
I think i'm not that brilliant!! But
Thanks a loott!!!!
Posted by sharah on 11/01/2008.
A sweet voice from a sweet girl.
A big 5 for you my sweet lady.
Posted by fonzie on 11/01/2008.
Nice voice and the singing really sound
great!! Thanks for sharing!! Kisses!!
Posted by girlyroy on 10/31/2008.
OH!! Thank you so much Josefina!!I don't
know what to say!!
Thank you!!!Kisses
Posted by sharah on 11/01/2008.
The recorded it's not good but the voice
it's so easy......Bravaaaaaa.......:-)
Posted by brusal57 on 10/31/2008.
Hi Bruno!!I Know that it's not well
recorded and I don´t know how to fix
this problem..
But, Thank you so much!!!
Posted by sharah on 11/01/2008.
I recorded in mp3 with"nero
8"or"audacity"and after recorded in
midomi(sorry for my english i speak only
in italian)....Ciaoooooooooo
Posted by brusal57 on 11/01/2008.
OH Thank you again!! Don't worry my
English it's not great I speak
portuguese, but you write perfect
Posted by sharah on 11/01/2008.
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