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music lover turned into pediatrician.ENJOY THE LIFE
geet gata chal
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Recorded: 04/05/2011
waaaaaaaaah kiya song chuna hay aap ne
dr sb.....really nice
Posted by hamnawa on 01/22/2012.
Jiyo mere sher !!!!
Sir Dr. Pravin saheb !!!!
Thelovely lyrics and music composition
both inspired me to do lipping !!!!
Thy singing also good !!!!Regards
Posted by skjaindoha on 04/14/2011.
sir original track with my
singing...just for your enjoyment.....i
could not stop myself from singing
...your pages wtach video helped
me...dhoondne se bach gaya ...he he
he...thanks sir for such a melodius song
Posted by skjaindoha on 04/14/2011.
very nice pravin sir.music ka volume
thoda kam ho gaya warna aur mazaa aa
Posted by sanjayagra on 04/09/2011.
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