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Recorded: 02/07/2008
Notes: This time the usual passing cars you could hear in the background of my mic were perfect for this song.
I was curious to here this from you but
i am not disappointed....wow very good
bravo !!!!!!!!!!
Stars and tulips ...haha it's
Posted by rosamusic on 05/27/2012.
Ciao Gégé!
At the time I used to smoke
cigarettes... I wonder how it could
sound if I sing it again now that I quit
smoking since years :D Thanks for
listening this oldie! :)
Posted by Heracleum on 06/15/2012.
Congratulations on quitting smoking!
But yeah, the raspiness in your voice
then surely helped give us more of an
impression of Springsteen.
Posted by HowardH on 06/19/2012.
More than one year later...and still
discovering... the big boss'effect
If you like this song, there is maybe a
very slight possibility that you like
this one, if you recognise it...:P ,It
could be great for your voice maybe ?
And you got stars all for
Posted by misspronce on 08/22/2009.
More than THREE years later... :D
Posted by Heracleum on 06/15/2012.
Such a fantastic rendition, that it made
parts of the movie come to mind in
flashes, while I was listening to you.
Another greeeat one for which I thank
you, Heracleum! :)))
Posted by diva-br on 05/04/2008.
Thank you so much Diva for all the
renditions you've listened to!! =)
Posted by Heracleum on 05/05/2008.
il grande boss non poteva mancare nel
tuo curriculum grande 5 stars for you
Posted by ricca on 04/30/2008.
Coming back to listen again :)
Fantastico!!! Hmm ..... y " Love town"
? ;-) I knooow , you're going to say
that maybe its a bit too high, but boy,
I love that song and I am drooling here
just thinking how it would sound in your
voice (even if you have to take it down
a couple of semitones! hehe Te animas?
Si? :o)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/27/2008.
"Love town"? perhaps "My hometown"?
Posted by Heracleum on 04/28/2008.
Hehehe no, "Lovetown", you know, in the
Philadelphia OST? Peter Gabriel?
*singing* "looovetown, no plaaace to
settle down"... :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/28/2008.
I know what you're going to say though!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/28/2008.
possibile che non avevo ancora
commentato e aggiunto in playlist
questa?? io il film non l'ho visto ma le
emozioni me le da lo stesso!! grande
Posted by nd82 on 04/09/2008.
Eh ma guarda che sicuramente ci saranno
centinaia di rendition "preziose" che
ciascuno di noi si perde anche dei
propri amici midomiani chissà quante
anch'io ne scoprirò di vostre che mi
sono sfuggite!! ;) ciaooo
Posted by Heracleum on 04/09/2008.
che dire questa canzone sembra proprio
che sia stata scritta per la tua voce
.è bellissima,e tu sei stato veramente
emozionante bravo.
Posted by minerva on 04/09/2008.
Sì è una di quelle poche di cui mi
risulta più facile non vergognarmi ;)
diciamo che la voce un po' sfatta (anche
dal raffreddore, ma anche da 'sano' non
sarebbe cambiato molto) si addiceva
parecchio al pezzo, fossero tutti così!
E visto che c'ero ho provato a studiarmi
un po' più a fondo come la cantava e
interpretava (strana la pronuncia,
soprattutto di parole come "blood").
Grazie mille dell'ascolto!
Posted by Heracleum on 04/09/2008.
Well done, Bruce!
Uh, I mean: Heracleum.
Posted by HowardH on 03/26/2008.
Hey Howard thanks! Sorry I didn't notice
you visit.
Posted by Heracleum on 04/09/2008.
Thank you Debbie! I appreciate so much
your compliment. You know, in a lot of
my rendition I feel very embarassed when
somebody send compliments because I'm
"sure" I don't deserve them. Fortunately
this is one of the few I feel a bit less
ashamed of, because I really can't do
any better (with the 'means' at my
disposition :D of course). So, thank
Posted by Heracleum on 03/26/2008.
wow this song is simply amazing...your
voice is so good, keep singing. you're
Posted by goth_moonF on 03/10/2008.
Thankssssssss! =)
Posted by Heracleum on 03/10/2008.
ohhhh is this you? :-O Great job!
Suits your voice so much! Bravo! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/10/2008.
Yep, but actually I wasn't alone, it was
me and my flu singing ahahah ;) Mil
gracias pedacito de mi corazón :D
Posted by Heracleum on 03/10/2008.
Ahhh sooo sweet your spanish! :-D *mil
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/10/2008.
ahahah Nenhum problema cara amiga!
Beijos! =)
Posted by Heracleum on 03/10/2008.
Very very good. 5 to ya. I'd love to
know how you get the music and vocal so
clear on here. Mine sounds a bit tinny.
Posted by fonzie on 03/10/2008.
About the tinny effect, I could think
that I'm used to whisper very near the
mic, a few inches away, and fortunately
this song quite required so ;) in others
my low voice is just out of place. By
the way, listening to your renditions,
it sounds like -having a nice and
powerful voice- you sing quite distant
from the mic, so the mic captures a half
of your direct voice and the rest is the
reflections of your voice around the
room, I suppose this could create such
tinny effect, I don't know really =)
In my case, bkgd music is not even
played by speaker on-air and captured by
the mic at once with my voice (is it
your case?) but I usually adopt
multitrack recording except from rare
cases of live recordings (sing along my
guitar, where a similar tinny effect is
present). Hope I explained decently
ehehe. Thank you sooo much for your
Posted by Heracleum on 03/10/2008.
For an example of "a-live and tinny" =)
recording listen for my "Running to
Stand Still" by U2, especially in the
2nd half ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 03/10/2008.
I have a built in mic set next to the in
built web cam.
I bring the speaker towards the mic for
the music and I sit about foot and a
half from the mic as I can't get closer
without bending over the laptop, which
would be uncomfotable. Thanks for the
info. I reckon you are right about the
tiny sound being caused by the mic.
Posted by fonzie on 03/10/2008.
Thank you Biggles38! I was under the
shower, the radio was playing this song,
I thought "ah.. at least this one..
maybe I can do it" ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 02/23/2008.
WOW!!! io adoro BRUCE!!!! sei
bravissimo!!! perchè non canti "Thunder
Road"...è la mia preferita!!!! ti
verrebbe bene :o)
Posted by shikei on 02/12/2008.
Devo ammettere di conoscerne poche del
Boss, quindi neanche l'avevo mai sentita
Thunder road.. uhoh pare complicata
assai =0 Grazie Shikei, e' un piacere
sapere che la rendition e' apprezzata
anche da una vera fan! ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 02/13/2008.
Thank you Lu! =) I tried to copy The
Boss' accent here.. but, at least to me,
the result is I can't get the lyrics I
sung myself ahah
Posted by Heracleum on 02/12/2008.
Ahahaah funny Lù, this could be a
perfect title for a movie: "All the
stars I never gave you" :D
Posted by Heracleum on 04/08/2008.
adoro questa song!!!!!
se non hai visto il film, te lo
consiglio vivamente
Posted by soffio on 02/10/2008.
No, infatti, neanche questo ho visto..
oh non ho visto nulla =)
Posted by Heracleum on 02/10/2008.
Certo che mi è piaciuta..altrimenti non
eri tra i miei preferiti :))))
Posted by Emola on 02/09/2008.
5 stelline anche per questa song
veramente bella...
Posted by Emola on 02/09/2008.
Stracontento che ti sia piaciuta!
Questa, cosi' come "Woman in chains", e'
venuta ascoltanto la radio sotto la
doccia :) Poi ho aspettato il giorno di
raucedine massima per eseguirla :D
Grazie ancora!
Posted by Heracleum on 02/09/2008.
:') ... ti lascio solo questa faccina
... l'hai fatta benissimo ... adoro
questo film ... :')
Posted by puramnesia on 02/08/2008.
Un film? ..ma non era un libro? :D :P No
scherzo, ma sai che ho scoperto che fa
parte della soundtrack del film
Philadelphia solo dopo averla cantata?
non sapevo mica eh =)
Posted by Heracleum on 02/08/2008.
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