हैलो दोसतो!
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Age: 45
zamaane ke dekhe hain rang
Ananya & Me
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Recorded: 03/28/2014
Notes: Thankful to Ananya for singing this song in short time.
So far but in the same hearth :)
Posted by pagarvi on 04/11/2014.
Its a great honor to me have friends as
you hindu friends ********
Posted by pagarvi on 04/11/2014.
Alwaiys I love your music with so
beautiful voices <3
Posted by pagarvi on 04/11/2014.
hey.. this is gr8.. nice partnership
..hahaha.. pleasure to hear u both..n
whn together its really a biig pleasure
to hear..:) both of u did a very gud
wrk...keep it up... all the best...
*********** jee
Posted by kodax4 on 03/31/2014.
Welcome Ananya and Veer..What a come
Back..So Amazing and I am sooo Glad to
Have you both together once again..Ab
kahin Na jana..
Posted by koku on 03/29/2014.
Adhbhut..Singing. Rare Romantikc and
melodious Gem by Choice Excellent
Expressions..Complete music in every
respect..main bahawaro ho
gayo..Bhaya..Sachmuch mein..bahut Hi
Khush Hoon..Hope, you both will give
many more songs on midomi and share..God
Bless..respect n regards...Lots of love
Posted by koku on 03/29/2014.
Heeey you're back singing together!
Niiiiice :D ahahah..
Ananya sounds as good as I remembered
her to be :) .. yeah yeah, you too Var,
don't worry :))) ahahah..
Seriously, great singing both of you :)
Posted by simmy on 03/29/2014.
Hey, its always an honour singing with
your veer, you always bring out the best
in me.........felt so good singing with
you again...thanks for choosing this
melodious song.
Posted by ananya67 on 03/29/2014.
what can i say about your
singing...amazing!!!!!.....after a long
long time we have given midomi a have made this song complete
with your extraordinary
singing....jawaab nahi aapki singing ka
Posted by glowworm on 03/28/2014.
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