is looking for songs to sing
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Hometown: ohio
About me:
I am a nice girl thats 11 and i love to sing. I am i my school chore and hope to be on Amarican Idol. When im not sin...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 06/26/2008
talk more clearly!!!!! and youre very
out of tune on some notes, and getting
caught on words, sing out background
music so you can take your time. and
some notes are too high for your voice.
open your throat by picturing an egg in
the back of your throat, and hold out
the vowels.
but youve got TONS of potential =]]]]

check out my songs too =]
Posted by authority on 01/01/2009.
My god so beautiful voice<333
Comment my songs too..Ill be happyyyy
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/11/2008.
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