Is gherate naheed ki har taan hai deepak, shola sa lapak jaaye hai awaaz to dekho!-Tanveer!
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parindon ko milengi manzilein ek din, ye unke phele hue par bolte hein' wahi log rehte hein khamosh aksar' zamaane...  [ more ]
Aaj ki kali ghata mast matwali ghata
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Recorded: 03/13/2008
app ki shaksshiat ki tarah bhut hi
khoobsoorat awaz
Posted by kidwai on 02/16/2014.
old rendition. listening to that now
only. very good. all stars. regards.
Posted by mggopal on 02/14/2014.
Mera Ghum Rula Chuka Hai Tujhe Bikhari
Zulfwale..Ye Ghata Bata Rahi Hai..Ke
Baras Chuka Hai Pani..respect n
Posted by koku on 02/12/2014.
Unhe Kya Khabar , Aanewala Na
Aaya..Barsati Rahi Raatbhar Yeh
Posted by koku on 02/12/2014.
Super beautiful
Posted by fatafat on 02/04/2014.
fantastic !!!! :D
Posted by ivasirinks on 03/28/2009.
thanks Iva for your such lovely
compliments .....looks like you are a
fan Indian music!!!!!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/28/2009.
wah wah.. just enjoying your geeta dutt
songs today.
Posted by bapia1 on 02/28/2009.
Thankyou so much dear Romi and abhijitji
for exploring and appreciating my
songs......really touched my heart!!!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 02/28/2009.
Posted by 629159 on 09/27/2008.
Thankyou so much my dear.. Bless you!!!!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 09/27/2008.
Thanks chaaya for the complements and I
must say that you have wonderful voice
as well--even I have sung Waqt ne
kiya--Though not as good as you. Keep in
Posted by Sarita2012 on 04/02/2008.
Kritika.. you have a lovely voice & I
just loved this rendition.. Chhaya
Posted by chhaya.nav on 04/01/2008.
Thanks for adding mysong to your
playlist-- feels like an achievement.
Posted by Sarita2012 on 04/01/2008.
I can feel that and next time I want to
hear it in your beautiful voice.
Posted by Sarita2012 on 04/01/2008.
you know how much I like this song in
your voice.
Posted by poornima49 on 04/01/2008.
Thankyou so much my dear - I loved your
voice too.
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/28/2008.
Lovely and sweet voice... ;-)
Posted by mitchie on 03/28/2008.
Thankyou so much Maryam for
appreciating--I love this song.
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/26/2008.
Beautiful soft voice.
Posted by MaryamRaso on 03/26/2008.
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/14/2008.
Beautiful voice
Posted by 629159 on 03/13/2008.
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