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Age: 38
Hometown: NEW DELHI
About me:
singing is passion
kaali ghata chaayi
mohammad rafi
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Recorded: 11/29/2009
phir rafi....
sabir rafi....

aaz phir teri yaad aa gayi hai,
aankhe bhi num ho gayi hai..
aap gate hi aache lagte ho mere bhai
gaona & sunaona....
kuch to hamre liye bhi ga da na plz.
Posted by mukeshsoni on 09/11/2012.
starting bahut hi achi thi bhai..echo
kamm hota to aur bhi maza
are wonderful singing aapse mujhe aur
bhi ache ki ummeed hai bhai.
Posted by glowworm on 02/22/2011.
Superb song and superb singing
********************************Love d
it !!!!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 12/01/2009.
i agree with mr.rampal . as rafi bhakt
it does not suit you to judge other
singer's & and as an artist it is
considerd bad ettiquette u r a good
singer but respect others as well
irrespective of how they perform.
Posted by janabezia on 11/30/2009.
Nice singing Sabir... your voice was
great here... music mixing needs
Posted by wazif on 11/30/2009.
very well sung sabir bhai,enjoyed
it.feel was very nice.keep it up.
Posted by shrini76 on 11/29/2009.
very well sung sabir bhai, suits ur
voice lot but remember one thing its not
necessary that if any singer singing bad
any song then u prove that u can sing
better , just guide them how they can
improve but in good manner, we are here
not for any compitition , give some
respect to those who are elder one,
every singer sings badly sometime so
dont forget this also, its my brotherly
advise to u.nobody want to sing badly
here, everybody is giving his/her best,
sometime good and sometime bad, so no
problem , bhai just guide them.otherwise
mukesh ji ko gaana padega aapko kyuki me
bhi kabhi kabhi bahut bura gaata hu.
dekh lo fas jaaoge, sab singers ko gaana
pad jaayega, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,
nice singing keep it up, god bless u.
Posted by rampalss7 on 11/29/2009.
Well done Sabir! I've never heard this
song before, but it sounds beautiful.
Your voice is a combination of Rafi and
Sonu Nigam. Very nice. You can sing any
song you want. I have a small request.
Can you please please please sing the
song Tudjhe lage na najaria (sung bij
Sonu Nigam)
Posted by Ajnabee on 11/29/2009.
thanks alot fro complementing me and
it's a great pleasure to be known as a
good singer i will work more harder to
be a good singer now on about your
request i will definetly sing that song
i am about to sing that song i love it
too lovely song please give me some time
to remember the lyrics of taht song bye
and take care
Posted by sabirrafi on 11/29/2009.
sabeer superb singing as always....
Posted by kberry on 12/01/2009.
sabir , no doubt u r a good singer and u
sing with your heart, god bless you.
Gopalji bhi rafi saheb ke gaane bahut
achchha gaate hain lekin awaz mein age
factor to rahega hi.
Posted by agrawal_sk on 11/29/2009.
very well rendered. stars, regards.
Posted by mggopal on 11/29/2009.
well done sabir... sung very well sabir
bhai.....well sung ....... ******
Posted by kodax4 on 11/29/2009.
Bravo sabi!
Posted by fonzie on 11/29/2009.
thanks alot fonzie
Posted by sabirrafi on 11/29/2009.
Accha gaya Sabir aapne ,,,keep siinging
Posted by mahmoodhaf on 11/29/2009.
Aaye Aaye Mujhe Teri Yaad Aayee..Bahut
hi khoobsuarat gayaki aur wohi original
anadaz mein ye sun ke bahut hi anand aa
raha hai...Bahut achhe gate rahiye aur
pl keep sharing it...5****** for your
examplory n
regards..Also, Id Mubarak and Happy
Thanks Giving!!!
Posted by koku on 11/29/2009.
Posted by koku on 11/29/2009.
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