Hometown: Hayward, California
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Recorded: 07/10/2008
My god so beautiful voice<333
Comment my songs too..Ill be happyyyy
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/11/2008.
espectaculare really nice voice !
Posted by nah.dlc on 10/06/2008.
Hello nah.dic! I am sorry that it has
taken so long for me to reply to your
very nice comment. I appreciate it very
much. Take care and goodluck to you.
Posted by jjrwaves on 11/30/2008.
Hello again debbie! Again thanks for the
very kind words. I am pleased that you
liked the song. Take care.
Posted by jjrwaves on 08/25/2008.
WOW! very, very nice rendition jjrwaves.
5***** "Real"..lol.. Yes, well-deserved
to be featured...good for you!
Posted by mitchie on 07/18/2008.
Hi! Thanks mitchie!It was a big surprise
for me and thanks for the congrats. Take
Posted by jjrwaves on 07/28/2008.
Good one will you listen to my song as I
am new to this
Posted by nommer7 on 07/16/2008.
Hello nommer7! Very nice to hear from
you. Thankyou and I will be very pleased
to listen to your song! I wish you
Posted by jjrwaves on 07/16/2008.
Hey jjrwaves.
Congrats on getting featured today.
Good job.

Good song!
Posted by HowardH on 07/13/2008.
Howdy HowardH! Nice to hear from you.
Thanks for the congrats and the
compliment. I appreciate that. It has
all been a big surprise to me! Anyway,
take care and goodluck to you.
Posted by jjrwaves on 07/16/2008.
very nice! well-deserved to be featured
in Midomi's front page
Posted by septem2080 on 07/13/2008.
Hi septem2080! Nice to hear from you and
thankyou very much for the knd words.
Take care and goodluck to you!
Posted by jjrwaves on 07/16/2008.
Its great honey!! You sing this song
just really good!! Nice one!! Of coursed
5 stars!! Lot of Kisses!!
Posted by girlyroy on 07/10/2008.
Thanks again girlyroy! Always so kind in
what you say to everybody, but I am one
who knows that it is from the heart.
Return kisses to you.
Posted by jjrwaves on 07/12/2008.
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