really ought to go and practice her ukulele. She is feeling slightly despondent about it........
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Hometown: Llanelli, Dyfed, Wales
About me:
A year of singing in a choir makes me think I can't sing at all.
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Recorded: 06/03/2008
Notes: I think Nat King Cole did the most well known version of this, but as it's the PetFest.......... Pretty little song, what do you think?
I never thought I'd click on "I taut a
taw a puddy tat" but more than that did
I ever think I'd click on a Petula Clark
song. I never thought I would, but I did
and woofie made it worth it.
Posted by BadDog on 08/11/2008.
I am so glad you had a listen and you
liked it! Now, I have to admit, Petula
is not my favourite, but she did have
something - plus she is Welsh. Also, I
find most of her songs suit my range,
and often I find I am the first one to
sing her songs!

If you like this one, have a listen to
some of my other Pet songs :P - I think
you'll like them, if you like my
Posted by w00fdawg on 08/14/2008.
Dear w00fdawg,
Please keep on singing and don't stop
singing, cos you're gonna be a star
someday!!! :-) And you will have a fan
in me :-)
Posted by xiaohong on 06/05/2008.
What can I say, you are too sweet! Thank
you so much :D
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/08/2008.
Dear w00fdawg,
Thanks for stopping by to listen... you
have such a lovely voice and you know
how to sing so many songs... it's
amazing and I think you are gifted!
warmest regards, Xiaohong :-)
Posted by xiaohong on 06/04/2008.
Oh, that lovely comment has made my day,
thank you so very very much Xiaohong :D

I can't stop singing, I am addicted
now, so I am just glad some people are
kind enough to listen and that they
often enjoy my voice. Thanks again!
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/04/2008.
I don't know that one Dewi, I will have
to check it out, there are probably
loads more with some kind of variant on
this title! I think Diana Krall is just

Well, I probably had the phrase in my
mind, also, I had meant to sing the Paul
McCartney My Love for ages, but never
seemed to be in the right voice for it,
as it's really hard to sing, but seemed
just about able to grasp it tonight,
like you and your Buble song!
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/03/2008.
I grew up with this song!!! So, thanks
for sharing.. you'd brought back great
Posted by septem2080 on 06/03/2008.
I think with this one again, I think
it's a version by somebody else I
learned this melody from, not the Nat
King Cole version though, so it was a
bit sneaky to include it in my PetFest,
but it did fit in quite well with my
train of thought!

Thank you Dewi for listening and being
kind as ever!
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/03/2008.
And did you notice that I sang two songs
in a row, by different singers and
totally different songs, called My Love?
Then this one, called Answer Me, My
Love, so definite theme going on.
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/03/2008.
If you want to sing another one, there's
"MY LOVE IS".. by Diana Krall...

That's just a coincidence right? But,
then again all the philosophers say
'there's no such thing as coincidence'
Posted by septem2080 on 06/03/2008.
You are right, w00fie.
By contrast with this, Nat King Cole's
version does sound "stately." I hadn't
heard Petula Clark's rendition before,
so it would have been very surprising if
I hadn't been reading your commentary at
the same time. (Thanks for that!)

I can really "hear" Petula while I
listen to you, w00f. Well done.
Posted by HowardH on 06/03/2008.
Tanks so much!

She's great, isn't she, and still
sounding good. She sang a lot of songs
that haven't worn that well, but there
are a handful of real gems. If you think
I sound a bit like her, I am very
privileged (though you know I really
wanna be Dusty or Billie). But I'm not

So, what are you going to sing, Howie?
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/03/2008.
I think I got brought up on the more
poppy version of this song, the Nat King
Cole version on here sounds like a
different song, almost stately by
comparison! Lovely, but quite different
to the poppier version.
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/03/2008.
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