Age: 36
Hometown: Leverkusen, Germany
About me:
I´m a german girl who loves singing and drive people around me mad about this. :D music is what I´m living for.
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Recorded: 08/15/2007
Notes: i love bobby!!!
Very good!
Posted by MirandaSan on 06/07/2008.
Jah love Meggy. Tha was awsome
Posted by danwillie on 08/24/2007.
do you smoke your voice sounds like it?
Posted by mm2z on 08/23/2007.
Thank you guys :D
Posted by Meggy on 08/23/2007.
hehehe nice meggy.if i were there i
would be play the guitar while you
sing..!!!! ^.^
Posted by kentA on 08/23/2007.
Nice job Meggy!
Posted by Amir on 08/22/2007.
Oooooh, that was very nice! It was soft,
but a little spicy at the same time!
Posted by edawgg34 on 08/21/2007.
thank you so much... :-)
Posted by Meggy on 08/21/2007.
please gimme your comments... an perhaos
a few stars :-)
Posted by Meggy on 08/21/2007.
thank you so much mushy :-)
Posted by Meggy on 08/19/2007.
well done this is really nice :D
Posted by mushy on 08/19/2007.
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