Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
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Recorded: 02/22/2008
Notes: It´s the first time I´ve done this. Hope you enjoy it! :)
cantas bien!!!
Posted by julietha on 01/02/2011.
Your voice is so sweet!!
Posted by Mari-chan on 05/29/2010.
ur really good!!!! WOW!!!
Posted by TwstdAngel on 06/02/2009.
Posted by NextStar on 05/04/2009.
Posted by ingrax on 04/11/2009.
OMG! How old r u? U sounds so young!
OMG!! U r amazing!!! I love ur voice so
much!!! =]
Posted by elainecarr on 03/05/2009.
Haha, I'm 15 :) Thankyou so mych! :D
Posted by Qimsie on 03/05/2009.
awesome song!! yew hav a reeally pretty
comment back(=
Posted by PopBritney on 02/01/2009.
You know I love your voice honey
Posted by xSkFaces on 03/01/2008.
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