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kyu jindgi ki raah me majboor ho gaye
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Recorded: 10/11/2010
Notes: jab sbhi gazal gaa rahe to............
“very good song picked ,and You have
done great work, I really admire and
respect your effort and dedication
towards good music... i liked and
enjoyed ...”
Posted by Jaiideep on 01/24/2013.
Beautiful singing!!! Who is singing?
Posted by trailokya on 03/27/2011.
Superb.....excellent gazal....!!
Posted by kpramod on 10/15/2010.
wah mom kyaa baat hai
Posted by nannu_aki on 10/12/2010.
Kharbooje ko dekh kar kharbooja rang
badalta hai. Very good rendition of this
ghazal. Keep them coming
Posted by schandar20 on 10/11/2010.
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