Is gherate naheed ki har taan hai deepak, shola sa lapak jaaye hai awaaz to dekho!-Tanveer!
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parindon ko milengi manzilein ek din, ye unke phele hue par bolte hein' wahi log rehte hein khamosh aksar' zamaane...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 04/06/2008
always great sung
Posted by denashk on 02/12/2012.
Thanks Eswar ro the lovely words- very
encouraging -keep in touch
Posted by Sarita2012 on 06/21/2008.
Sarita, u have sung this with all
emotions.It really touched my heart. God
bless you and may you always keep
singing like this...Ehsaan tera hoga
Posted by Eswar on 06/20/2008.
Thanks Zia bhai for the compliment
Posted by Sarita2012 on 06/20/2008.
very well sung good job
Posted by janabezia on 06/20/2008.
Thanks dear Rampal for appreciating -I
don't know what to say ------------Keep
up your good work-----God bless you
Posted by Sarita2012 on 06/20/2008.
ur genius and genius are rarely born and
only once born , ur inspiration for me i
learnt lot from ur singing , ur great .
i love ur singing.
ur simply a great singer
i like ur singing .
best of luck.
Posted by rampalss7 on 06/20/2008.
Thanks Koku for encouraging compliment-
keep in touch
Posted by Sarita2012 on 06/20/2008.
Very well sung. Liked it.
Your voice and expressions are
Posted by koku on 06/20/2008.
Thanks Pushpa for such lovely words- bus
itna hi kahoongi ki yeh sab aapka pyaar
hai- nahin to aaj kal ke daur mein bahut
kum log hein jo doosere ki taarif dil se
karte hein.
Posted by Sarita2012 on 06/20/2008.
Sarita Ji, darasal ye geet mujhe behad
pasand hai realy this is my favourate
song & u sing .. so Tarif Karu Kya Uski
Jisne Tumhe Banaya...

Posted by kathuriya on 06/20/2008.
u sung this song with full emotion. iske
liye words r less
Posted by raini on 06/20/2008.
Thanks Raini dear for the compliment -
its always inspiring
Posted by Sarita2012 on 06/20/2008.
jis tarah se apne yeh geet gaya words of
compliment would never do justice;
sarita u have a gift of pulling ur voice
from an abyss within and that is the
challenge we face as singers and
individuals; I'm extremely fortunate to
have u as a friend...
Posted by moses123 on 06/19/2008.
Moses, today I am running out of words
to thank you for appreciating with such
a beautiful expression - my eyes are
cloudy-so -- you can imagine how I felt-
its truelly a blessing for me to have
you as a friend .-keep in touch
Posted by Sarita2012 on 06/20/2008.
Thanks Chand for sharing the same
interest for songs and apprecating my
love for music-voice just comes from
within otherwise no formal training in
Posted by Sarita2012 on 05/06/2008.
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