says hello to all midomites - is happy to be back after 4 months :-))
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Just someone who loves to sing .. and listen to other people singing :-))
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Recorded: 05/15/2008
Notes: this one is from the 60's (movie is Sawan Ki Ghata) - a great o.p.nayyar composition (was reminded of this thanks to fellow midomite indraneel :-)) - its a fast song, and really needs the trademark op nayyar clip-clop background music to sound good (couldnt use the original track since the pitch was too high ) .. anyways, enough explanations, please listen and let me know if you liked it :-))
Posted by wuyanlai on 05/16/2009.
thank you for listening, and the stars,

(you can call me "pola" - that's my
midomi nickname :-))
Posted by vvalopa on 05/15/2008.
My first five stars to you!!!Vvalopa,
Posted by pagarvi on 05/15/2008.
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