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Recorded: 04/08/2007
Notes: Okay, I know there are some spots to fix but I just wanted to have more than one song up there. If you're a musician, please critique. Be honest, but not too honest ;) Mwa!
wow... nice rendition
Posted by kodax4 on 10/08/2008.
You have a nice voice. If you haven't
already read the synopsis of les mis and
find out what Epinine is feeling when
she is singing this.
Posted by JRo on 07/18/2008.
Beautiful. I love the emotion you put
into it!!
Posted by Actorgirl on 08/11/2007.
I personally think you did a great job
on this. I hope you have more songs
recorded soon :)
Posted by Tinuel on 04/11/2007.
I really enjoyed it. Thanks and please
keep singing!
Posted by Amir on 04/11/2007.
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