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I can't help falling in love with you
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Recorded: 03/09/2008
Notes: I'm sure I don't do this song justice - but it's a favorite of mine.
voice makes me happy :) some pitchiness
Posted by intrinsic on 05/21/2014.
nice job check my elvis tune
Posted by shmoo on 04/07/2008.
well done! 5***** for you!
Posted by joceljoy23 on 03/14/2008.
hello joceljoy nice av you on ma
profiles its nice knowning wat your
interest is in am so glad nice picks
there hope to chat with you on your
likes and your dsislikes.
best regards,tjazzz
Posted by tjazzz on 03/15/2008.
not bad! You took it a tad slower than I
am used to hearing it but it's still a
great performance!
Posted by dimplemonk on 03/09/2008.
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