Age: 28
Hometown: Leskovac,Serbia
About me:
My name is Kristina and I come from Serbia.Singing and dancing are my life.
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Recorded: 12/17/2007
Notes: This song means a lot to me because it reminds me of my first love
puedes hacer un corral con los gallos!
practica mucho,nadie es perfecto!
Posted by Princesa83 on 06/17/2008.
great voice, great interpretation
Posted by Mahm on 06/13/2008.
your voice sounds good with these
songs.....good choice.
Posted by celinekwan on 02/26/2008.
Thank you!=D
Posted by Dreamgirl on 02/27/2008.
Oh thanks!
Posted by Dreamgirl on 12/17/2007.
Perfect four stars
Posted by gaditano on 12/17/2007.
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