loves singing a capella after so long
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Age: 28
Hometown: India
About me:
Hey! I want to first thank everyone who had taken the time to listen, comment, rate or add me since without you guys ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 01/13/2010
You're good!
Posted by melonsweet on 08/08/2012.
Thank you so much :D
Posted by prirox on 01/20/2010.
Priyanka you rock!!!!!! I need someone's
opinion on my voice, plz help!!! my
rendition of taylor swift's 'white
horse' isn't my best(it's practically
whispered), but i still want you to chec
it out!!! thnx :D
Posted by Hip_hop96 on 01/16/2010.
Thanks!!!! I love that song so of course
I'll check it out :)
Posted by prirox on 01/18/2010.
This is very cute and folk style.Love
it! Your voice sound more clear now .
By the way,I have just recorded a
beautiful Taiwanese song,家後 hope you
can listen
to it XDDDD
Posted by ea50901 on 01/15/2010.
Thank you! I'll look at it soon :)
Posted by prirox on 01/18/2010.
Fantastico! Very good singing!;) keep on
it! 5*
Posted by CaptainJac on 01/13/2010.
Grazie :D I'm so glad you liked it! ^^

Thanks for the stars too! biz :*
Posted by prirox on 01/13/2010.
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