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Recorded: 04/09/2009
Notes: I remember the film and the series of this "FAME". Makes me want to go to NYC and study art. Ballet? Modern dance? Why not?? Vocal? Are you kidding?? I ended up going to a totally different university, btw.
Famous song, whenever you need to dance
just do it !! It remembers me some crazy
dancing yeah...thank you for the
memories dewi !
Posted by misspronce on 04/10/2009.
Crazy dancing?? Whoooaaa.. what kind of
dance is that? Does it require a table?
Posted by septem2080 on 04/10/2009.
nono...kind of exhausting yourself till
the limit (but without energy-drink
hihih), see ??
Posted by misspronce on 04/10/2009.
I don't know that. But I did the table
thing... oh high school days
Posted by septem2080 on 04/10/2009.
Wow Dewi! Let me say "What a Feeling!"
I particularly appreciated how you
managed to sing both vocals on chorus
...aaaand I do remember this song was
used in Friends series season #5,
episode #3 where Chandler has to date a
girl in the Arts museum pretend he's a
painting art expert :)
Nah never mind, hehehe I was definitely
kidding :D it's me pretending I'm a
Friends expert as well as you are ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 04/10/2009.
season 5 episode 3? That's Phoebe's
giving birth to the triplets.. and one
of the funniest line from that episode
is "Chandler's a girl. Chandler's a
girl" I couldn't stop laughing reading
your comment. Hilarious
Posted by septem2080 on 04/10/2009.
ahahah I knew you would came out with
the real episode description :D
Posted by Heracleum on 04/10/2009.
.. and the episode where a guy pretended
to be an art expert to "woo" a girl,
that guy's Joey not Chandler. That's in
season 9.
Posted by septem2080 on 06/25/2010.
Thank goodness for a day off, eh?
So glad you found a moment to sing. And
such a peppy song! (It makes me think
maybe you are gonna be okay, haha!)
Sounds great, Dewi.
Sing a little every day!
Posted by HowardH on 04/09/2009.
First of all, what's peppy? Second of
all, Friday 10 April is the real holiday
(Good Friday). Yesterday, it was only a
holiday in Indonesia (election day), so
after voting I went back home and work
again since you know Singapore (and
China and Thailand and Malaysia and
Vietnam) are working. It's a very cool
job I have, Howard. Believe me...
Posted by septem2080 on 04/09/2009.
"Peppy" = Full of pep and energy =

Ahh, election day.
I didn't think it was because of Jueves
Santo (Holy Thursday. LOL. It's the week
before Easter in christiandom.)

Yeah, I always thought you liked your
job, but it sure has been keeping you
super-busy recently! Take care of
yourself first, job second.
Posted by HowardH on 04/09/2009.
Oh, Friday's holiday *IS* for Easter
Week? How interesting!

So competitive!!
"..since you know Singapore and others
are working."
You have to keep up.

Posted by HowardH on 04/10/2009.
Competitive? Perfectionist? Or just a
workaholic? You decide
Posted by septem2080 on 04/10/2009.
Yes, I remember the original TV series
well enough, too, and used to think how
lucky those kids were to be able to
study Performing Arts.

Enjoyed listening to you, as always,
Posted by Conchita on 04/09/2009.
Yeah, Conchita. It's one of the series
that I want to take part in. I wish I
had the backtrack like Mitchie had.
Posted by septem2080 on 04/09/2009.
Thanks, Northerner. That's a cool avatar
you have there
Posted by septem2080 on 04/09/2009.
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