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Hometown: Cantù(co)
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56 anni con tanta passione per la musica
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Recorded: 05/25/2008
Notes: Aver scaricato 17.000 basi mi ha dato alla testa ed alla gola ma mi diverto una cifra e qualcosa in più (quel"little tears non mi convince(oddio oltre a tuttoil resto ma quello di più)che ne dite??????)
Oh, I don't know how I missed this one
Bruno. This is one of my all time
favorites of Bob Marley. He would be
smiling from ear to ear to hear you sing
it! You are amazing!! I would send
millions of stars for this, but I can
only give 5. oxoxox :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 11/25/2008.
Thanks you are very kindly with me this
song it's fantastic i think
too..........good luke dear
Posted by brusal57 on 11/26/2008.
Mind to be my friend?I'm new to

Posted by Tiamia on 10/24/2008.
Wow!You sound exactly like Bob Marley!

Way to go!


ps-5 stars!
Posted by Tiamia on 10/24/2008.
Exactly Bob Marley?????? ahahahaha
thanks you are very very kind whit
Posted by brusal57 on 10/25/2008.
i thank u, to give such good song which
makes me to lisen its true and u can
feel every word what he says in the song
Posted by sonu0211 on 07/09/2008.
I haven't words for you say when that
you write it's very good for me.Sorry i
haven't recive the email of this comment
sorry sorry sorry............
Posted by brusal57 on 10/25/2008.
i feel the cry in my soul ..and it is
the same cry of BOb Marley ! thats
incredible !!!!
thanks for the beautiful song
Dr.francis [email protected]
Posted by karitra on 06/10/2008.
WWWWWOOOOOOWWWW I don't words you are
very kind with me
Posted by brusal57 on 06/10/2008.
you are simply great !!!!
i love your friendship
i am from Kerala -God's Own of the most beautiful
tourist destinations of the world...
i welcome you to this
green paradise
to sing and enjoy...
Posted by karitra on 06/10/2008.
I thank you, I do not speak English I
translate with google, I speak only
Italian language and not travel very
sorry ............Ciaooooooooooooooooo
Posted by brusal57 on 06/10/2008.
Wow!! I cant beleive!! With woman full
of happiness hahhaha!!! Anyway this is
only a song and you always did great my
friend!! 5***** for you my dear friend
and im gonna invite you again to listen
to my new recordings specially There's a
Kind of Husk!! Kisses!!
Posted by girlyroy on 05/27/2008.
My dear friend Josefine thank you so
much for the compliments and you know
that your songs I listen to the very
willingly and if you leave a few notes
is that the English language I do not
know very well. all this is translated
as google sorry...Kisses.....:-)
Posted by brusal57 on 05/27/2008.
Posted by saverio on 05/26/2008.
Come sempre ci azzecchi in pieno,alcuni
amici di midomi,non so per quale
motivo,mi hanno abbandonato e questo è
il mio triste canto...........:-)
Posted by brusal57 on 05/26/2008.
Tus canciones en inglés son muy
lindas...te felicito!!!!estrellas!!!!
Buen consejo "woman no cry"... only
Posted by pagarvi on 05/25/2008.
ahahahahahaha a mi hija para que piense
en mi "lindo" ahahahahahhahha Inglés.
gazie querida amiga,besos ...........:-)
Posted by brusal57 on 05/26/2008.
Esto me encanta!!! :D Es buenísmo!!!
Sí sí, sí, más estrellitas para tí,
corazón! Y besos, besos, muuuchos
besos!!! ;-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/25/2008.
Pero seis seguro que no ha lugar
equivocado ???????????
hahahahahahahahahah. broma. es un honor
para mí tener aquí ..................
besos besos besos .........
Posted by brusal57 on 05/25/2008.
hahahahaha nononoo ,me encanta!! Ya
está en mi lista! Bruno, es estupenda!!
Ya la he escuchado tres veces ! :-D
Sabes, deberías cantar más canciones
de Bob Marley, seguro que las
bordarías! ,-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/25/2008.
Sé que sólo esto. no es sólo uno de
mis favoritos por varias razones
........ pero este no es el lugar para
un debate socio - política - cultural
ahahahahahaha.besos :D
Posted by brusal57 on 05/25/2008.
Ahahahahaha bueeeno, pero aún así,
has hecho un estupendo trabajo!! ;-) No
importa, no pasa nada, mientras sigas
cantando a Baglioni, porque me encanta y
me hace muy feliz! Muaaaaaaaahh
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/25/2008.
Sus deseos son órdenes ahahahahahahah
Posted by brusal57 on 05/25/2008.
bravisimo mi amigo con mucha fuerza y
dominio ciao
mis cincos estrellas un saludito
Posted by aghatha on 05/25/2008.
Le agradezco mucho, yo la bienvenida a
sus elogios querida
Posted by brusal57 on 05/25/2008.
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