Well, time to sing ... maybe
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Recorded: 09/01/2010
Notes: Another French song, as requested by a few "supporters". Trying a song of Michel Sardou this time. Talks about Ireland region of Connemara and its people. Sorry for the end. Not as I wanted it ... but I reached the 5 minutes midomi limitation. But the song itself was finished. Just the music and the "MIKE_P signature..." did suffer.
Its a french song ? :)
dear MIke, your voice is singing inside
my heart, so beautiful.....lovely...
big hugs and brilliant stars
Posted by pagarvi on 09/11/2010.
Euhhh.... yes, it is a French song but
it speaks about Ireland and there are
many family or place names that sound
My voice seems to have found a place of
choice... ;) thank you
Posted by Mike_P on 09/13/2010.
Quelque part ce chanson m'est
connu...haha....merveileux mon
amie...surtout le fin......super*****
Posted by rosamusic on 09/05/2010.
Je pensais bien que tu connaitrais cette
chanson. C'est l 'une des plus belles de
Michel Sardou.
Merci d'apprécier,
Posted by Mike_P on 09/13/2010.
è un gran piacere sentire le Tue
,,ballata,,con il finale in crescendo è
veramente coinvolgente... BRAVO
Posted by kryspaul on 09/05/2010.
Thanks a milion for the nice comment
Posted by Mike_P on 09/13/2010.
Hé, I was thinking "but who remind me
with this song not so long ago...?"
Thanks to Howard who find out first ;)!
Powerfull voice here, and the ending is
alright, we all know the limitations of
I had in mind that the original song
was sung a little faster but nono , I
checked... and you did it perfect 5/5
Posted by misspronce on 09/03/2010.
If I sing faster...it would fit in the
5 minutes ... good idea ;)
5/5 ?
100/100 thanks to you!!
Posted by Mike_P on 09/05/2010.
Wow, Mike. Your voice can go very deep,
as well as quite high! What a range you
have! (I'm so envious.)

This song is epic in scale. No wonder
it won't quite fit into 5 minutes.

Whistling where there should be
bagpipes? LOL. Seriously, you can be the
entire orchestra with your whistling.
Well done. *****
Posted by HowardH on 09/02/2010.
Hi Howard,
do you know the group "Epica"... Hmmmm

Deep and high.... I am preparing one
just for you Howard... be patient
though, not ready yet...
Oh... and I LOVE bagpipes!!

Posted by Mike_P on 09/05/2010.
Epica? The Dutch group?
But there are quite a few renditions of
their songs here at Midomi. ('Trois
Vierges' seems to be the most popular.)

Ooh, one for me? J'attendrai.
Posted by HowardH on 09/05/2010.
Great singing, Mike!!!
Sounds soooo beuatiful, my dear
4:09...5:00 and I can imagine the end
of the whistle (I guess I can - LOL)!
What a GREAT signature, Mike!!!!!!
You are The Man (O cara!!! in
portuguese - LOL!!!)
All the stars for you!!!!!!

Posted by Rayo on 09/02/2010.
A link, please, for listening the whole
Posted by Rayo on 09/02/2010.
Thanks Rayane
As you seem to like it so much, I'll
send it to you.
Posted by Mike_P on 09/05/2010.
Thank you so much!!!
Posted by Rayo on 09/07/2010.
Ha! premier!
I don't know why, but I know this song
well, melody is very very familiar,
however I can't really remember
when/where I listened to this one but I
simply guess it's a pretty popular song.
One more time, excellent singing mon
ami, whistling has its dedicated space
too, I couldn't imagine anything else in
that instrumental part :)
But Argh! "la marca de la casa"
interrupted grrr midomi! Ok no problem
we will imagine a volume fade-out there
on our next listenings :)
Posted by Heracleum on 09/02/2010.
Hi Hera,
Typically played at weddings as Maureen
and Sean get married in the song.
The complete song and music is more
than 6 minutes. I cut the intro and
tried to fadeout but just too late...
Thanks for stopping by

Posted by Mike_P on 09/05/2010.
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