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Recorded: 08/02/2014
Notes: This is an old song I thought of while I should have been practicing a duet harmony. It was one of a very few Italian language hits here in the U.S.
Voooolaaaare, ohhooooh / cantare,
ooooh/oh/ Felice to be with you... :D
"Perfect Italian", my precious. ;) -
LOL As if I could judge your
pronunciation, lol...
But, still perfect to meZinha. ;)
Posted by diva-br on 11/09/2014.
You have Italian blood in your family
tree, isn't that true, Diva? Good enough
for me.
(Let's don't ask Hera or Simmy,
Posted by HowardH on 11/14/2014.
Aha. Simmy already gave me a "pass", and
Bruno has some critique of things I
cannot hear : doppio and GL. LOL. This
is as good as it gets, I guess.
Your judgment seems sound, Diva.
Must be in your blood! :-)
Posted by HowardH on 11/14/2014.
Howard.. this song reminds me when I was
about 10 years old and I went to visit
my uncle, he listened to this song on
his big 8 track cassette player :P since
this is the first time I hear it again
=) well sung really *****
Posted by sparchead on 09/13/2014.
Eight-tracks weren't invented yet when I
first heard this song. We had 78 rpm
records and WE LIKED IT!

Thanks for visiting, Sparchead.
Posted by HowardH on 09/14/2014.
ahhh the good old times! even if I was
young I remember "the end" of this
wonderful time, the plastic was true
plastic, the food was not corrupted by
shady products, things were made strong
and durable!
Posted by sparchead on 09/14/2014.
Sei sempre un GRANDE Howie .............
Vorrei cantare in inglese come tu in
ITALIANO,se non fosse per le GL e
qualche doppia consonante,non si
capirebbe che sei AMMMMERICANO :-)
....... Ciaooooooooooooooo
Posted by brusal57 on 09/13/2014.
Bruno, grazie.
Yeah, in English we don't care much
about double consonants, so it's hard to
even hear them, much less always
remember to pronounce them.
My macaronic Italian, eh?

GL? What's that? LOL LOL LOL.
Posted by HowardH on 09/14/2014.
"neGLi occhi""deGLi occhi" ma
riascoltandola bene mmmmmmmmm mi sono
sbagliato,lo dici MOLTO meglio di come
mi fosse sembrato,al primo ascolto :-)
si noi non diciamo proprio la
I"degl'occhi"ma per esempio i
romani(Saverio,Hera)dicono dejocchi
ahahahahhaa quindi è ottima anche la
tua pronuncia ..... Ciao grande AMICO
Posted by brusal57 on 09/14/2014.
Ah, I can't hear the difference between
what I was doing and what I thought I
was hearing! LOL. I really thought I was
doing it well. :-P

I found this "How-To" video at YouTube.
(at ~1min 44sec.)
Okay, I hear my problem, now.
I'll try to do better next time. (If
there ever is a next time!)
Grazie, Bruno.
Posted by HowardH on 09/14/2014.
ahahahahah La ragazza del video non è
capace,anche se italiana,a pronunciare
correttamente la GL,la pronunci molto
meglio tu :-) ... Ti ripeto,ho
SBAGLIATO,sei stato bravissimo,avevo
ascoltato con superficialità e mi SCUSO
.... Non mi fa registrare ma appena
posso,ti mando una registrazione su come
si pronuncia da sola o prima di un'altra
parola ....... Ciaooooooooooooooooo
Posted by brusal57 on 09/14/2014.
La ragazza is cuter than you, Bruno, so
I'll pronounce it her way. LOL.
Posted by HowardH on 09/16/2014.
Tu pronunci MOLTO meglio di lei GL :-) e
poi non è cosi carina e crede di essere
PERFETTA :-( abbiamo avuto
un"battibecco"su You tube ...
Posted by brusal57 on 09/18/2014.
Posted by HowardH on 09/18/2014.
I wonder if it's a regional
Okay, you and I don't need to start
another battibecco over this, LOL.
Posted by HowardH on 09/18/2014.
Yes there are so much regional
difference but in Italian it's as sqy ME
.......... Not with you it's
impossible"battibeccare" ahahahaha
Posted by brusal57 on 09/18/2014.
That's interesting. I hadn't read this.
But I agree with Bruno: yours is MUCH
better than hers, don't even worry
Posted by simmy on 11/15/2014.
Glazie, Simgli.
Posted by HowardH on 11/16/2014.
I'm more familiar with the Gypsy King
and Dino Martino's faster version. such
a different nuance this version offers
to my ears.

What kind of dance can we do with this

I gave 5 stars considering slower tempo
requires longer breath and I know it's
hard for us to do it..
Posted by septem2080 on 08/30/2014.
It was the opposite for me, Yayi. People
mentioned the Gypsy Kings' version but
I'd never heard it, so I had to go check
it out. Dino Martino? More checking

Breath: I spent a lot of practice time
figuring out when to breathe in order to
sing this. But when the time came to
record, I didn't follow my plan!! I
thought I'd run out of air and have to
start over, but I surprised myself and
made it to the end of the phrase!
I guess singing is good exercise, LOL.
Posted by HowardH on 08/30/2014.
Olala! Grande pilastro di midomi!
In fact, reading the first title, the
song was totally unknown for me. Then,
reading and hearing 'Volare', I realize
it is even a very well known song =)
Bravo for your performance, Howie!
How do you manage to sing so easily in
Italian hein, tell me?
Ti invidio,
Posted by misspronce on 08/24/2014.
Lara! I wondered when you'd be here to
You are the pillar of Midomi, not me.
I can always count on you to be here.

I had to laugh when you said I sing
easily in Italian. Not easily at all! It
was like a 3 minute tongue-twister.
I didn't succeed. This recording was
pieced together from several shorter

Thanks for your comment, Larita.
Posted by HowardH on 08/24/2014.
Ahhhh, sim, let's volare, my adorable
TB! :D
Wondeful, as always, obrigada, meu
querido amigo, for more one gift to my
ears. :)))
And... Front page!!! Woohooooo :D

d|_| |_|b Cheers! :)))

ETA, for forever and a day,
Posted by diva-br on 08/15/2014.
Oi, Diva!
I always love finding your comments
here at Midomi.
<mwack!> + ADU

When I was listening to my first test
recording of this song, I thought it
sounded okay, but there wasn't enough
joy or fun in the refrain parts. Volare!
Cantare! it should sound like I'm having
fun, hahaha. So I put some effort into
that when I recorded again. It's hard
for a tired old man to sound joyful,

I should have thought about getting a
comment from youZinha. (^_^) That would
have helped, for sure.
Thanks for the joy you bring!
Posted by HowardH on 08/16/2014.
Tres agreable a ecoute mon amie...sans
fautes...super.... BRAVO!!!!*****
Posted by rosamusic on 08/10/2014.
Merci, Gégé. Tu es très gentil. Trop
Posted by HowardH on 08/10/2014.
cantando contigo :O)
Posted by pagarvi on 08/09/2014.
Thanks, amiga.
(Yes, I can hear you singing! ^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 08/09/2014.
Volare! I didn't know the original song.
It sounds a little slow and gentle
compared to the version of Gypsy Kings.
Very relaxing...^_^
Posted by gata on 08/05/2014.
Hola, Gatita! Thanks for commenting.
I just listened to The Gypsy Kings'
version. How fun! I hadn't heard it
The fast flamenco rhythm really spices
the song up! But the overall tempo seems
almost the same to me. LOL!
Singing slowly while playing the guitar
quickly, haha.
Posted by HowardH on 08/05/2014.
Haha I agree with Gata, this one is
slower than Gypsy Kings', but far
moooore sweeter and lovely! ;) How nice
to listen to you Howiecito, I liked this
one very much! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/06/2014.
Thanks, Moni.
Slow and smoo-oo--ooth! That's what I
was going for. (^_^)
If only.
Posted by HowardH on 08/06/2014.
Smooth.You can say that again:)
I listened to the Gypsy King's again
and found out that the actual tempo is
not so fast!
It's a magic of the rhythm?
Posted by gata on 08/07/2014.
Yes, the magic of rhythm!
I like that phrase. It makes it seem
faster than it really is.

But... I've been listening to The Gypsy
King's version again. You and Moni are
right: It's a bit faster. I was fooled
by the lines "Nel blu dipinto di blu..."
which are half speed, actually slower
than this version!

But the rest of the song is a bit
faster. (And the guitar rhythm is still
faster! Hahaha.)
Posted by HowardH on 08/08/2014.
L'originale di D.Modugno è una via di
mezzo,come ritmo,tra questa
tua(stupenda)versione e quella dei G.K.
Comunque,ne ho sentite di tutti i
tipi,è la canzone ITALIANA più
conosciuta al mondo,più di O'SOLE MIO
............... Ciao a tutti/e
Posted by brusal57 on 09/13/2014.
Riascoltandola mmmm la tua è uguale a
quella originale come TEMPO,è la tua
voce molto soft,che la fa sembrare più
lenta,è un complimento,fidati :-)
Posted by brusal57 on 09/13/2014.
Oh, I shall have to listen to
G.K.Comunque's version.
Thanks, Bruno.

O sole mio.....
Posted by HowardH on 09/14/2014.
E' bellissima questa canzone =D
Posted by Valerialen on 08/05/2014.
Molto grazie, Valeria.
Ma, canta qualcosa! (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 08/05/2014.
Ahhhh! :D (I should check Midomi more
GREAT Italian. Not joking. I can barely
hear your foreign accent.

...Now work on that duet harmony ahahah
Posted by simmy on 08/04/2014.
BTW... "Dipinto" should be one word,
Midomi people... and a rather English
"blu" hahaha
Posted by simmy on 08/04/2014.
BluE. Of course with an E.
I couldn't find a correct one on
Midomi's list, so I retyped it.

Duet... Um, yeah.
Posted by HowardH on 08/04/2014.
Girl and boy oooooooo mi rompete le
scatole ahahahaha di venire su midomi e
poi quando vengo,non venite neanche ad
ahahahahaha ..... Ciaoooooooooooo
Posted by brusal57 on 09/18/2014.
Volare! esta canción tambien fue famosa
aqui en México, se conocía más como
"Volare" well done my friend! I hope to
listen to that duet soon :)
Posted by Guillermo_ on 08/02/2014.
Yeah, Willy, we usually call it "Volare"
here in the states, too. Dean Martin!
Gracias amigo por visitarme.
Posted by HowardH on 08/02/2014.
Adesso,da qualche anno,il titolo è
proprio VOLARE,non c'è più bisogno di
scrivere"nel blu etc etc :-)
Posted by brusal57 on 09/13/2014.
Modugno wrote this, so he gets to name
it, right?
Posted by HowardH on 09/14/2014.
La canzone,originariamente,aveva il
titolo lungo e nelle trasmissioni a
quiz,non veniva accettato"volare".Oggi
invece il titolo è proprio quella sola
parola :-)
Posted by brusal57 on 09/18/2014.
Posted by HowardH on 09/18/2014.
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