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Recorded: 10/06/2010
Notes: pur madness...in less than 2 hours...no preparation...so first take...audio crash...so no mix...no corrections...so upload testfile and basta... :'( ---------------------------------------------- but maybe...there IS a difference (so you can hear all my "BLOOPS" in stereo WOW lol... http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/6/6/2468413/MadWorldStereo.mp3
OMG.... that sounds so great... Good
Posted by Sun_Dianka on 09/02/2013.
Hey, thank you for your nice comment,
'girl with the beard'! LOL!
Posted by misspronce on 09/13/2013.
you a very talented girl, pleasant voice
.. 1:07 is my favorite part =) but all
the way you rock! :p
Posted by sparchead on 07/12/2011.
encore mille fois merci d'avoir suivi le
chemin jusqu' ici hihi :)
Posted by misspronce on 07/12/2011.
Oi! The mistress of harmonies' strikes
again and calls it a testfile :)
Really really enjoyable especially when
your initial solitude is soon sorrounded
by the choir.
I could just comment that it's overall
a bit too 'geometrical' and square, but
hey it's a testfile! ;)
Oh about your discovery of my recent
X-factor inspiration: I recorded mine
some days later.. but it looks like you
anticipated the X-Factor UK with this
one eheh look:
Posted by Heracleum on 10/11/2010.
Why does nobody seems to believe me ? I
often repeated that multitracks always
are crashing..and I can't find out why
You even still doubt about my
telepathic gifts ? (Alors, peut-être
que j'utilise une boule de crystal
?)...btw: the guy of X-Factor UK has a
more "spookier" face than mine !!!:D
Posted by misspronce on 10/13/2010.
ahaha yess that's spooky! and his eyes!
We should forward the link to Howard ;)
By the way -apart some extreme shaking
voice like br-r-r in the beginning- I
think he did a good job, didn't he?
Posted by Heracleum on 10/13/2010.
Of course, he absolutely did. In fact,
his way of being introvert, shy
maybe...I'm not sure it's really to be
seen that way. His expressions make me
think of many brilliant musicians when
they are performing live...it looks as
they go up, make one, arrive to a high
'simbiosi' with the soul of the
music...and they forget about the
spectators, have no connection with the
outside anymore....
Hmmm sorry...where am I ?:)
Posted by misspronce on 10/13/2010.
I found the link on my own.
Yeah, a bit spooky. LOL.

Everyone says this Aiden guy is
introverted, and he sing for himself.
But that works perfectly for this song,
doesn't it. The spookier, the better,
with this song.
Posted by HowardH on 10/13/2010.
Prachtig Lara goooh echt alles alleen?
wow op Fileden is het nog beter
De eerste zin dacht ik hé geen gitaar
maar die heb je hier niet nodig met je
stemmen orkest......!!
Brava (o)
Posted by rosamusic on 10/12/2010.
Ja, helemaal alleen als een grote flinke
meid :D
In fact, it is very interesting to
search and do this kind of things ...:)
(mijn gitaar komt wel vlug terug )
Posted by misspronce on 10/13/2010.
This is the "test" file?
This sure is a good first take, Lara.
I like the way you've slowed it dowm
compared to original. It's spookier this
Posted by HowardH on 10/07/2010.
Yes. First take I'm just searching the
right tune for the different voices.
Next step is to redo tracks where
something went wrong, while adjusting
distance from mic, volume etc...and I
don't even mention any mixing trick
steps.. But in this case those next
steps are missing :P (but 50% of
midomifriends is having wintersleep
anyway, so...why not leave it for what
it is, this is no contest)
Thank you, you found the fitting
expression :"spooky" I like that :)
Posted by misspronce on 10/08/2010.
Gee, you've sort of written a how-to
manual here! (But I am too lazy to
follow along.)

Yes, I find this music very spoooky!!
(There is s TV show here that uses an
instrumental version as the "theme"
music whenever a certain insane killer
comes to town. Eek!)
Posted by HowardH on 10/08/2010.
whaw... but... but....
with how many are you?
How many sisters do you have Lara?
I hear at least 4 of you here.
Love it, love it, love it!!!
Posted by Mike_P on 10/09/2010.
Hi mike !
Hahahahaha :
You want the phone number of my sisters
? LOL :D :D !
No, I think I was so mad that it just
made me split up for the occasion eheh.
Posted by misspronce on 10/09/2010.
This one is one of my favourites songs
of Tears for Fears, and you sang this
one A Capella!! :-o
you're great my dear friend!
I Bow to you.
stars of course :))
but...where is the guitar¿¿??
I like your accoustic renditions
**************** saluditos.... :D
Posted by Guillermo_ on 10/09/2010.
Guillermo ! A favourite song of
yours...hmm...again ??? So it was a
lucky choice^^ . I'm happy to see you
here !
But, my guitar... yes where is it ?
Maybe some jealous green creep borrowed
it ?? No worry, I'll get it back soon.
Posted by misspronce on 10/09/2010.
great performer,very nice sung,always
the best to listen
Posted by kryspaul on 10/07/2010.
and I would like to complete your
comment by saying that you are my
greatest listener..:)
thank you !
Posted by misspronce on 10/08/2010.
I love it when you get mad like this,
Lara :) You and your twins once again
made it... something so special and
magic, who needs more than this? Well,
except maybe for the mp3 version so we
can get lost into the spell even
But I am glad we got to listen to this
rendition in its pure state.... cause
this is beautiful my dear, really
beautiful... *****
Posted by Fallingsta on 10/06/2010.
Hahahaha..<<GRRrrr roar>>...are you sure
It's so practical to invent a
clone-choir when one has some doubts for
chosing the karaoke-file lol !
Now, did you notice : especially for
you : I did what I could to give you an
mp3 :D
Moni, I'm so glad to see you here,
doesn't this remembers you good old
times like "Belle" O:!
Thank you a lot !
Posted by misspronce on 10/07/2010.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Merciiiii beaucouuuuup mon amie! So you
could manage uh? ;) Uuuuhhhuhhhhhhh
you've got me singing along with you ,
(ahum ahum hint hint LOL )
It is so good to hear all of you in
stereo :))))))
How could I ever forget your Belle uh?
And I am sure Im not the only one ! ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 10/07/2010.
oooo***** is WONDERFUL*****
Dear Lara, im flying with your
Posted by pagarvi on 10/06/2010.
Oooo: 'my' wings ?:)
I think 'you' are the flying superangel
of midomi ! Faster than the wind and
tender like sugar...Thank youuuu
Posted by misspronce on 10/07/2010.
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