is bored
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Age: 34
About me:
Singing is my great passion, music is my life..
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Recorded: 10/31/2009
Notes: have fun!!!!
love this, and your voice
Posted by martinrody on 09/30/2016.
really nice
Posted by Alexendre on 09/27/2016.
I am amazed by your vocal abilities. You
really got me to be your fan with a
voice like this.
Posted by Texville on 12/12/2013.
Awesome! Your profile pic is really
pretty too!
Posted by Amy_Pond on 01/22/2013.
not u!
Posted by del99 on 11/23/2011.
amazing !! :D
Posted by thesasa on 08/25/2011.
Posted by Donpanton on 08/17/2011.
Posted by JustBnMe on 08/14/2011.
very nice, really
Posted by CharlesUt on 08/05/2010.
Posted by esss on 11/01/2009.
thank you very much!! ^^
Posted by Allena on 11/01/2009.
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