Age: 35
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Recorded: 05/15/2007
Notes: Im working on a longer version of this song, with the bridge and the key change but this'll do for now
nice voice ~~singing well
i have only one song,can u comment my
song also?thx~
u got fionatong giving *5
Posted by fionatong on 01/10/2009.
you are professional singer
Posted by zjaiyue on 01/10/2009.
I'm Speechless... :O
Posted by TheRose on 12/31/2008.
Very well done! You have an amzingly
strong voice! :) Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/21/2008.
ooooh, my girly its lovely song and
voice in the first
Posted by didodream on 06/19/2008.
Great singing ...5*****
Posted by kunidanif on 06/12/2008.
Wow. Strong vocal. Loved it!

Posted by loubougal on 06/11/2008.
Very nice, you have a good strong voice
but to short, the only thing is you
sung the easy part of the song and I
think you need to sing the complete song
to test your voice because as you know
the song does get more difficult.
Posted by colin1945 on 06/06/2008.
You have a lovely voice
Posted by SGNray on 06/05/2008.
Posted by Jackyl on 06/03/2008.
r u sure that u just did not hold the
mic to the cd player just joking u r
amazind seriosly wow have you heard o
american idol
Posted by koolkat123 on 05/30/2008.
oh god!
good job!
Posted by paulcash on 05/28/2008.
great voice!!
Posted by Bebrayne on 05/01/2008.
GYAAAAAA you sang all my fav songs!!! 5
stars!!! sang beautifully
Posted by ursulaeb on 03/27/2008.
your voice is fantastic..... nothing to
say coz its superb....!!!!
Posted by mr.jayar on 01/25/2008.
u have such a DAMN beautiful voice..and
this is my favourite song!....(^_^)
...u'll reach the stars!
Posted by cutevoice on 12/13/2007.
cantas como los dises aparte de ser
bellisima suerte la de tu pareja en
tener una Diosa como tu saludos fer
Posted by fercho_nan on 12/11/2007.
you have an amazing voice....
very good cover....
Posted by Scalawag on 12/03/2007.
Posted by terrybrass on 11/16/2007.
wow ur voice rocks so fucking much i
wish i could sing dat good
Posted by lil_emo on 11/14/2007.
Wow, I didn't do nearly as good on this
as this song... great job!
Posted by Vinia on 11/01/2007.
In one word:
Kelly or whoever couldn't do it any

Posted by SunriseS on 09/28/2007.
Great singing.
Posted by sonicrush on 09/13/2007.
Posted by myxer5 on 08/26/2007.
sounds great like your a great soprano
Posted by SwEeTy_Pie on 08/19/2007.
chevere, eres buena cantando!!!
Posted by Clarck on 08/17/2007.
Well done! :)
Posted by dJnIk0 on 08/02/2007.
So NICE, good, awesome.. Also good
Good job, amazing recording =)
Posted by K.M.N. on 07/24/2007.
nice voice!
Posted by anu323 on 07/23/2007.
Excellent, well done :-)
Posted by Charlie7 on 07/21/2007.
I realy realy like your vioce!
About the song and the way you sing
Have a great day! =`)
Posted by anlabyon on 07/20/2007.
you really have a great
Posted by estefach on 07/01/2007.
you are the first user i listen to on
midomi that can sing this song
properly.You are amazing
Posted by Luke5 on 06/23/2007.
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are
profesional singer :)
Posted by nikii on 05/27/2007.
Exellent.And that's why your on my
favourites list.
Posted by UKPhil on 05/15/2007.
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