will be out for quite long but wishes to be back soon if she can.=) She will miss all of you!
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Philippines National Anthem
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
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Recorded: 09/30/2007
Notes: this is our national should be sung in 4/4 means that filipinos are willing and will be happy to die for the country...
Nice ^_^ very cute and sweet!
Posted by Sunchokes on 12/23/2007.
very good! your national anthem???
Posted by rianna_mex on 10/21/2007.
Nice job!
Posted by edawgg34 on 10/08/2007.
thanks to all of you guyz!
hugs and kisses to all!!!
Posted by joceljoy23 on 10/08/2007.
hehehe:) go! galing!
Posted by beebee on 10/07/2007.
Posted by demonchild on 10/05/2007.
Posted by brunoloko. on 10/05/2007.
Congrats on being featured today! I
really enjoyed hearing you sing in your
native language!
Posted by dimplemonk on 10/05/2007.
kooool...its national anthem..^_^ very
i give u twinkies..and salute
Posted by cutevoice on 09/30/2007.
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