I found my faith. In the songs.
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Age: 33
About me: yti -ti
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Recorded: 04/02/2007
muy beiiilla tu voz cantas lindo
Posted by analyDavid on 06/16/2012.
sei bravissima e che voceeee
Posted by atir on 02/15/2012.
wonderful voice.congratz:D
Posted by roomina on 11/17/2011.
O great record, and I love its chours:)
Posted by BlackRiver on 11/03/2011.
Posted by lilly6744 on 10/26/2011.
Agree!And enthusiastic!
Posted by zingys on 09/27/2008.
nice voice ,
nice feel ,

Posted by _Chinese on 08/28/2008.
Nice girl and nice voice`
Posted by daisyxd on 08/27/2008.
nice voice!and i love it!
Posted by xiaoliu on 08/02/2008.
you where very good
Posted by anna12 on 07/09/2008.
i like it it is to lovely and u r so
Posted by jakks on 06/29/2008.
heloo philippinees.....
Posted by edumayjoan on 02/20/2008.
U sound sooooooo good. i absolutly love
ur voice:)
Posted by missed_me on 02/20/2008.
Oh, Thank'U..:D

I have Added you on my msn..;)
Posted by Cherry_ti on 01/30/2008.
woa.. what an angel voice... can you be
my friend? here's my yahoo.messenger id
[email protected]
Posted by rysah01 on 01/30/2008.
sei dolcissima!!

Posted by minerva on 01/06/2008.
what a beautiful voice!
Posted by gaxlaxy on 12/20/2007.
It was Okay ! Not good , but Okay !
Posted by 01-Brunett on 06/14/2007.
M piace tantissimo come canti qst
rende la tua voce ancora + limpida ^_^
Posted by Aphrodyte on 04/04/2007.
Thank 'U so Much Lilgurl =)
Posted by Cherry_ti on 04/03/2007.
you have a nice voice. i like it.
Posted by lilgurl on 04/02/2007.
Ci metto un pizzichino di
riverbero.....eheheh....:P Mi piace
troppo l'effetto che da,ormai sono una
riverbero-dipendente! :°D
Posted by Cherry_ti on 04/02/2007.
bravissima sei tu cmq...XD!!!
MA qst bell'effetto cl microfono cme lo
Posted by SIMO1988 on 04/02/2007.
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