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I love music but struggle to sing. Studying Japanese, but can hardly speak any. Singing Japanese songs is a way to st...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 08/12/2007
Notes: "Hone made ai shite" means something like "Please love me to the bone". This was Joh Takuya's biggest hit, I think. (Maybe his ONLY hit.) In the song, he says he's been looking for a love nest, but somehow he always seems to make the women cry. He could be happy; all he needs is one thing -- her. He wants her to love him to the bone. (I think this dates from around 1970 + or - a few years.)
It's very very very beautiful voice i
listen today..very impressed with tender
voice modulations and it's so much
powerful impact that I kept humming the
tune for some time..I read top notes
also would listen and humm along with
Posted by koku on 06/24/2011.
without fail keep listening and humming
Posted by koku on 06/24/2011.
Hi, Kaushik. It's a great song, isn't
it? And a catchy tune. Thanks for
listening and thanks especially for
leaving a comment.
Posted by HowardH on 06/25/2011.
thanks, gino!
Posted by HowardH on 01/22/2008.
Thanks for your comment, Akiko.
Posted by HowardH on 10/15/2007.
Posted by AKIKOTADA on 10/03/2007.
wow...japanese is hard to speak...but I
think that is also hard to sing...XD
good job!=)=)
Posted by SIMO1988 on 09/04/2007.
pronounciation** i guess the forgot the
spelling :oD
Posted by cutevoice on 08/17/2007.
**pronunciation** is correct, not
Haha, it's hard, isn't it.
But you do so well, Cutie!

Thanks for teaching me about your
writing system.
(I still know nothing, haha!)
Posted by HowardH on 08/17/2007.
well yeah u can say that arabs n pakis
use same alphabets but some alphabets
are missing in arabs side..they dont use
all the alphabets we their
pronounciasion is quite different
Posted by cutevoice on 08/17/2007.
japanese writing is very kool...and im
proud that you know that langauge..which
is soo difficult...ill try to be like
Posted by cutevoice on 08/16/2007.
Cutie, is it that Pakistani uses the
same wrting system (same "alphabet") as
Arabic, but they are not the same
language? Interesting.... (Maybe it is
similar to Japanese using many of the
same written characters as Chinese
thought they are entirely different
Posted by HowardH on 08/16/2007.
well yeah your right...but arabs n pakis
are total different....arabic is a
language...which does shows on my paki
pc..but we dont fully understand them cz
its quite difficult..and about those
boxes..yeah it shows on ur pc but ont on
mine... :oD very true..but i like those
boxes...i wd try to learn them..
Posted by cutevoice on 08/16/2007.
Great and しぶい!!
Please do not ask me the word しぶい
means! I just only can say "Shibui" !
Posted by chi-chan on 08/16/2007.
I checked my dictionary, it says:
渋い 【しぶい】 cool; an aura of
refined masculinity;
Sou da to omoimasu ka? What a great
compliment! Thanks.
Posted by HowardH on 08/16/2007.
P.S.Chi-chan, I'm practicing to sing a
song by 堀内孝雄 Horiuchi Takao,
which is the OPPOSITE of refined
masculinity! Haha!
Posted by HowardH on 08/16/2007.
I think 堀内孝雄 is also
I am always amazed what a variety of
your selections. I am looking forward to
hear your Horiuchi Takao. I like his
"影法師 Kageboushi". I'd like you to
try it sometimes.
Posted by chi-chan on 08/17/2007.
below hiroko youve written something in you come to read them...theyr
all same you know boxes... :-S
Posted by cutevoice on 08/13/2007.
Hi Cutie,
Thanks again for your comments.
Those "boxes" to hiroko-san are
*SUPPOSED* to be Japanese writing.
(I hope hiroko's computer can show
them! (^_^) It looks okay on my

What does Pakistani writing look like?

(I'm sure it will just be "BOXES" on my
computer! haha.)
Posted by HowardH on 08/13/2007.
so sweeeeet.....its
great...excellent..youve done a
wonderful JOB
Posted by cutevoice on 08/13/2007.
Posted by Keyvan on 08/12/2007.
Thx for listening. Thx for commenting!
Posted by HowardH on 08/12/2007.
wow, very very nice:) Sugoku jozu
desu!!  すごく上手です!
perfect pronounciation!
Posted by hiroko on 08/12/2007.
Posted by HowardH on 08/12/2007.
Very very nice singing Howard san! Your
Japanese always amaze me!!!! Wonderful
joooob!!! Big hugs... Seiko :):):)
Posted by Seiko on 08/12/2007.
Seiko-san! I'm so happy that you
commented! Thanks. (^_^)

What have you been up to recently?
Isogashii seikatsu wo sugoshite imasu,
ne. Subete wa daijoubu da to hoshii
Posted by HowardH on 08/12/2007.
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