Hometown: Berkeley,CA
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Recorded: 08/18/2007
Posted by nammu on 04/19/2008.
wow very nicely sung.KABHI ALVIDA NA
KEHNA.keep it up
Posted by abubakar04 on 03/05/2008.
Great singing!
Posted by cutevoice on 02/02/2008.
Usually I stop songs in the middle on
midomi and hop on to another one, but I
had to listen to the whole song this
time. Great job.
Posted by denn_2003 on 12/05/2007.
wow!!!!!!!!! r u indian?????because ur
accent is absolutely indian..if not then
gr8 an di fu r a indian then gr8r
Posted by anandita2 on 11/22/2007.
Thank all for your words of
Posted by lekrishark on 11/21/2007.
yaar tum to bade gajab nikle.
Posted by Gaurang on 11/18/2007.
Posted by zhjy2929 on 11/18/2007.
hmmm...>>>winks<<< sumbody frm CA wit a
gr8 indian voice....! :)
Posted by devikamodi on 11/17/2007.
very nicely done!!
Posted by moez507 on 11/16/2007.
Great voice
Posted by annu on 11/16/2007.
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