Hometown: philippines/Japan
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Recorded: 12/12/2007
very good try my songs the twelve days
of christmas and santa Claus Is Coming
to Town and please comment
Posted by kingted on 12/30/2010.
thanks 69eYe,sorry for the late
reply...kinda busy lately....
Posted by cheko on 05/14/2008.
Posted by edarem on 12/21/2007.
thank you i appreciate it.I had
Posted by cheko on 12/22/2007.
Congratulations! This song became No. 1.
Posted by happyday on 12/21/2007.
ha!ha!thanks for your support.but,I'm
not taking it seriously.we can make
ourselves no.1 our own
Posted by cheko on 12/22/2007.
What a wonderful song!!!
Posted by happyday on 12/13/2007.
you refer to the song not to the voice
ha!ha!ha! (?_?) by the way thanks,I
really like this song.....(^0_0^)
Posted by cheko on 12/14/2007.
beautiful Cheko :)
Posted by johnlennon on 12/13/2007.
Really?I'm happy,you appreciate
it..Thank you so much!
Posted by cheko on 12/14/2007.
Coooooooool !(^^)!
Posted by ryuceko3 on 12/12/2007.
Posted by cheko on 12/14/2007.
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