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Come The Hell On
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Recorded: 01/09/2008
Notes: "Come The Hell On," to the tune of "Silent Night," is a song I first sung since about 7th grade if something was taking longer than my patience could handle. A computer was taking too long to load, or traffic was not moving fast enough. If you want to sing something to release your frustration over something taking too long, this is the perfect song to sing. If a group is on a bus and something is taking too long to get the bus moving and/or other things, the entire group can sing it and keep singing it until things finally get moving along.
Posted by intrinsic on 05/21/2014.
What the hell can I say lol I loved it!5
stars from me
Posted by TerrieMac on 01/15/2008.
Revised version of this song at this
Posted by ENG on 01/14/2008.
Posted by ENG on 01/14/2008.
Posted by ENG on 01/14/2008.
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