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Phool Reh Jayenge Guldani Mein Yaadon Ki Nazar, Main To Khushboo Hoon Hawaon Mein Bikhar Jaoonga
koku(1965)Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya Tere Pyar Mein(Guide)
S.D. Burman
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Recorded: 03/18/2010
Notes: Film:Guide(1965) Lyrics:Shailendra Music:S D Burman Playback:Mohammed Rafi Leading casts: Dev Anand & Waheeda Rehman
kamaal ka gaya.....a soothing melody ..
all time gr8s sung wit tat much
gr8ness... ...... :) enjoying each and
every bit :)******************** jee
Posted by kodax4 on 03/23/2010.
Koku...Bhai...I am worried about
you..hehehe..Day By Day..You are are
getting back to your original..lovely
singing..in our family..we are proud of
you..You are one and only one
Koku..Bhai..love and blessings.
Posted by arun58 on 03/21/2010.
Extremely beautiful singing and superb
recording Kaushik ji ......
Posted by Sarita2012 on 03/19/2010.
wonderful singing what a great song
from movie Guide!!!!!!!good rendition
Posted by balludolly on 03/19/2010.
kaushik bhai , i do agree with sanjay
bhai and others , ek dum zabardast
singing hai, keep it up, god bless u.
Posted by rampalss7 on 03/21/2010.
superb song and superbly sung..sir..keep
it up ..
Posted by kberry on 03/19/2010.
My most fav song kaushikji, and in your
voice, its the ultimate pleasure to
listen too.......thanks for making my
day, with your mesmerising voice sir :)
Posted by ananya67 on 03/18/2010.
Bahot hi acch a hua ye gana bhi koku
,,kitna likha jaaye alfaazo ki kami
hojati hai jab ek sath acche gane sunne
milte hai
Posted by mahmoodhaf on 03/18/2010.
bahut khoob vhala bhai bahut jazbaati
hoke gaayaa hain.
Posted by janabezia on 03/18/2010.
wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kya baat hai koku
bhai..............superb.vakai jawab
nahi.i still remember the scene from
this song .pure taren doob kar gaya
Posted by indrasab on 03/18/2010.
zabardast singing kaushik bhai.aapki
feelings ka to jawaab hi nahi hai.kamaal
ke expressions.bahut khoobsurat geet
Posted by sanjayagra on 03/18/2010.
superb rendition. in your own style.
stars, regards, and respects.
Posted by mggopal on 03/18/2010.
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