Hometown: New York
I Can See Clearly Now
Columbia River Group Entertainment
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Recorded: 10/20/2006
nice song! and great singin!
Posted by LaMerry on 07/21/2008.
You are my idol
Posted by mfswimmer9 on 03/01/2007.
congratulations! very good.
Posted by Tarik on 02/17/2007.
I think you are very
Posted by mfswimmer9 on 02/15/2007.
i think if you try it just a little
higher- its good... but i get the
feeling your holding back...give me some
Posted by tophatbill on 02/15/2007.
I dont think that you should be telling
people what they should or shouldnt do
better...I think she is just fine.
Posted by natbug007 on 02/25/2007.
thats great
Posted by popstar on 02/07/2007.
u rock
Posted by mfswimmer9 on 02/01/2007.
Good job. <3
Posted by Bree_x3 on 02/01/2007.
Sorry dear the notes were all over the
place, maybe next year
Posted by nickinam on 02/01/2007.
You got 10! Super!
Posted by tiojaime on 01/31/2007.
you should try for american idol by the
way you rock
Posted by mfswimmer9 on 01/30/2007.
very nice!
Posted by Quad2000 on 01/30/2007.
very good!
Posted by jennifer on 01/16/2007.
good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 omg awsome
Posted by mfswimmer9 on 01/12/2007.
you are a great singer!
Posted by jackfanch on 12/04/2006.
yea u sung that song great...i agree
with u jackie,,this is dylan
Posted by popstar on 12/07/2006.
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