Age: 41
About me:
I lik to play keyboards and piano, and i'm starting to sing... i hope to do it well someday..!! jajaja
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Recorded: 02/06/2007
Notes: Limb Bizkit and The Who!! beautiful song..
Neo, it is amazing!
Posted by fatal on 06/11/2011.
I loved it! Thx for addin' me to your
favourites... =0)
Posted by jt_kriss on 03/03/2007.
Vaya, quería felicitarte, te ha quedado
muy save y eso es muy bueno :)

Behind blue eyes ^_^
Posted by IrA_ on 02/07/2007.
Mil Gracias!! jajaja

Según yo... me scucho muy feo...
jajaja pero es divertido este sitio...
Posted by neo on 02/07/2007.
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