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Hometown: London
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Terrible sound quality all round from me, but I really do love this site.
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Recorded: 03/27/2009
Notes: I've recently been watching 90s TV series 'My So-Called Life' for the first time and having been thoroughly affected, decided to record this little song that Jared Leto's character plays on the show. If you're not familiar then definitely familiarise yourself, it's an excellently written programme. :D
You sing good,我喜欢!
Posted by ghairat on 04/16/2009.
Posted by meishan on 04/09/2009.
I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks!
Posted by VerifyMe on 04/08/2009.
Hey that was awesome thats better than
the original if you could listen to some
of mine that would be great and another
Posted by LudieLu on 04/02/2009.
Hey this is far better than the
"original": I played it on YT and.. hmm
:/ do you remember I mentioned about
your strings tuning? well, this time
yours was ok but definitely not the one
the guy was playing :) Very good my
friend, I hope studies will let you sing
more soon ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 03/27/2009.
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