Hometown: Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
About me:
A Sorrowful Dream's vocalist.
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Recorded: 04/15/2007
Notes: I have this serious problem of being incapable to keep the same voice style through the whole song... ._. Who cares anyway.. lol
Wer kennt diesen Song? Bitte dringend um
eure Mithilfe.
Posted by Herzblatt on 12/16/2010.
Que hermosa voz
Posted by DaniloGhos on 11/05/2008.
a very interesting rendition. i just
love iron Maiden and i would like to
thank you for choosing this great songs.
keep it up!
Posted by starfire on 06/30/2008.
So nice your voice!!
in this great song!!!
Posted by Adelson on 05/04/2008.
Thank you all ^^
Posted by josie_poa on 12/04/2007.
very melodious....good job...:)
Posted by Scalawag on 12/04/2007.
Muuuito bom mesmo! Parabens!
Posted by chiachiri on 09/14/2007.
clap clap clap!! bravaaaa!!!
Posted by arkanoid on 07/02/2007.
LOL what fun to be singing a heavy metal
song acapella - you love a challenge.
Actually, it's sounds lovely.
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/15/2007.
Oh, but this song is probably one of the
most covered around the world by many
different bands! And, believe me, it
fits any style you could possibly

But It's funny to sing it acapella yet
trying to sound heavy metal indeed.
Yeah, I guess I love a challenge! lol
Posted by josie_poa on 04/15/2007.
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