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Recorded: 07/20/2007
Notes: This recording was performed by my 5 years old daughter, named Rion !
Posted by janplay1 on 09/08/2007.
wow this child singing wery well will
be great singner for sure i know it he
remember me wen youg . i give five stars
one for merit one fore justee one for
tempo one fore the voive and fore tne
chance from stars
Posted by johnlennon on 08/20/2007.
Posted by kanagaki on 08/22/2007.
Que cosa más linda!!!!
Estoy enmorada por esa niña!! Muy
Posted by dani18 on 08/20/2007.
u are great
Posted by pinkypoo9 on 08/20/2007.
Posted by elsy on 08/18/2007.
Posted by kanagaki on 08/22/2007.
That is sooo cute :D. She has a really
good sense of tuning for being so young.
You should get her started on a musical
instrument or vocal lessons, she should
do well with a good ear like that.
Posted by mushy on 08/16/2007.
Posted by 2taylor on 08/16/2007.
Hello PaleMe,

No I wasn't arare that series of # 6
until you pointed it out...

and noticed that you were right.
Now one ore fan was kindly assigned to
my recordings... so...

Thanks for your interesting observation
to the numbers !

Cheers !
Posted by kanagaki on 08/02/2007.
O My God, So Cute, it was the most
sweetes thing i've hard all day long!!!
Posted by mykynhah on 07/27/2007.
Hello mykynhah,

I appreciate your warm comment saying
"sweetest thing" of the day.

Let me drop in your Recordings sooner.

Posted by kanagaki on 08/02/2007.
Aw, that is cute! Looking forward to
hearing more!! ;)
Posted by jennifer on 07/24/2007.
Hi Jennifer,

Yeah, my daughter wants to sing more,

So I bought her a microphone for the PC

last weekend.
Posted by kanagaki on 08/02/2007.
Aweee...that is so sweet!
Posted by kevin on 07/23/2007.
Thanks Kevin !
That's my daugher 5 years old now. :-)
Posted by kanagaki on 08/02/2007.
This is literally the cutest and
sweetest thing I've ever heard! What a
wonderful way to start off my day -
thank you =)
Posted by Naz on 07/23/2007.
Hello Naz,

It is so sweet of you to left that kind
and warm comment on my daugher's

Thank you.

And my apologies on the delayed reply
to you, saying thank you.
Posted by kanagaki on 08/02/2007.
That was so precious! It put a huge
smile on my face!
Posted by edawgg34 on 07/22/2007.
Hi edawgg34,

Thanks much for your kind comment for
my daughter's performance.

That put a big smile on my face, too.
Everytime, I listent to it.
She is my angel 0- : )

Again, thanks.
Posted by kanagaki on 07/22/2007.
huuuu so cute! :D
Posted by donvito on 07/22/2007.
Ciao Sig. Donvito,

Thank you for posting your comment on
my daughter's singing

Is that guitar play of your
performance , Day Tripper !?
It's awesome !

Grazie per il vostro commento per il
canto della mia figlia!
Posted by kanagaki on 07/22/2007.
eheh thanks.. but I only sing in that
rendition.. :P I would like to play
guitar that way! I prefer keyboards ;)
Posted by donvito on 07/23/2007.
Needless to say,

that vocal is magnificent !
That is given.

I just noticed that guitar play is
awesome, too. :-)

Next time, expecting your keyboad play.
Posted by kanagaki on 07/23/2007.
if you want I've done many songs with
background keyboards and piano.. I love
to play, check out my "firth of fifth"
by Genesis, but take it easy :)
Posted by donvito on 07/23/2007.
In the same key as the original - nicely
Posted by aaron on 07/21/2007.
Hello Aaron,

Your technical comment on my
daughter's singing is much apprecaited.

Thanks !
Posted by kanagaki on 07/21/2007.
How adorable!! Put a huge smile on my
Posted by Amir on 07/21/2007.
Hello Amir !

Thanks for your kind comment on my
daughter's singing.

She's good at singing and playing
whereas, I suck... *grin*
Posted by kanagaki on 07/21/2007.
This is so cute!!!
Posted by Keyvan on 07/20/2007.
Hi Keyvan,

Thanks for your kind remark on my
daughter's performance.

Never expected that someone would find
me here...
Posted by kanagaki on 07/21/2007.
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