Everything's Comping Up Roses
Tyne Daly / Gypsy / Broadway Cast
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Recorded: 10/19/2006
i love your voice and your absolutely
beautiful! keep it up! 5 stars from
me! love it! good luck with broadway,
and im pursuing a career as an artist
too! good luck! by the way check out
my rendition of ordinary people by John
Posted by Jtoonice4u on 07/11/2007.
eveyone reading this: PLEASE PLEASE
comment on my songs! i would really
appreciate it!!
Posted by bella_baby on 07/09/2007.
I do not know how to type in english
very well, so a just want do say…
Amazing. Congratulations!
Posted by FabioSilva on 06/21/2007.
Are you in theatre? You sing like the
originals, great job, I haven't heard
the real song, but I bet you sang it
just as good, or even better. You should
definitely try broadway, you're good
looking and have a lot of talent.
Posted by denn_2003 on 06/20/2007.
Hey, thanks, guys! I am actually a
musical theatre actress. I'll be in the
choruses of The Pajama Game and Les
Miserables at the historic Muny in St.
Louis this summer, and I'm shooting for
Broadway sometime next year,
mwahahahaha. ;)
Posted by samia525 on 06/20/2007.
I`m Svend from Norway. Maybe you know
where it is, haha. Love what you just
did in this song. A wonderful voice made
for broadway.
Posted by Svend1984 on 06/19/2007.
My god, you're amazing!!!
Posted by jazzgirl on 06/18/2007.
Posted by nigel on 06/18/2007.
WOW! I just love the power in your
voice...I agree with wolfdawg...broadway
Posted by gazelle on 06/17/2007.
That was AWESOME! So fun and full of
life. It was perfect!
Posted by edawgg34 on 06/15/2007.
It will be great when you come back and
do some singing here again, Samia - if
you aren't busy on Broadway that is!
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/15/2007.
very very good!
Posted by SIMO1988 on 06/15/2007.
Posted by retro on 06/15/2007.
Posted by tothestage on 12/02/2006.
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