Age: 35
The Phantom Of The Opera
Original London Cast
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Recorded: 03/19/2007
Notes: Dont miss the end!
Posted by adamburse on 02/10/2010.
Te felicito Moon una bella y sublime
interpretación. Great Voice!!!!.
Posted by adr1anam on 08/08/2008.
Posted by alice36 on 05/21/2008.
emmm....i like the other one more....but
this is cool.
Posted by scillz on 03/18/2008.
Can I be your manager? He He! I love you
awesome voice. I'm thinking broadway!
Posted by kelly777 on 01/03/2008.
Used to sing in choir in highschool, but
not since then. Thanks :)
Posted by moonrat84 on 08/26/2007.
Now that's really something...let me
guess, you sing in a choir?
Posted by myxer5 on 08/26/2007.
hehe wow!
Posted by Melvin on 04/20/2007.
Sweet... I can't say much more than
that, but yeah... beautiful voice!
Posted by jdietrich on 04/12/2007.
Thank you,
I know its super loud at the end
(sorry) but its kindof hard to hit that
note quietly haha.
Posted by moonrat84 on 04/03/2007.
WOW! I am all sorts of impressed! Is
that an E flat??? Someone told me it
was, but I'm not positive, either way,
verrrryy nice!
Posted by Kathleen on 04/02/2007.
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