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Hometown: Naples,Italy,Europe
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Recorded: 03/28/2007
Notes: Ho fatto Un Casino Mentre Registravo XD!!.. ..In mezzo alla registrazione ho abbassato imporvvisamente il volume del microfono.. XD..
great voice ,really nice .Im totally sp
fan , can't wait for their next album
keep it up
Posted by p1nkl0v3 on 08/14/2010.
wooow very cute... voice :) ^^ i love
this song... but i think you should try
without "echo" next time, you voice
would sound better

anyway 5 stars :)
Posted by BigLover on 06/21/2009.
songs very good
and good job covering up your accent
{if you have one >.>}
Posted by pandy4ever on 08/18/2008.
grazie mille shikei.. :P

grazie a me stai scoprendo anke tanta
bella musica :P.. (vedi no,it isn't)

U_U :P :P :P
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/10/2007.
caspita!!!!!!!!!non conosco questa piace molto come
Posted by shikei on 08/10/2007.
thank you ;)

I'll sing one of his songs..
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/06/2007.
you should sing Enrique Iglesias
Posted by jorden on 08/06/2007.
Bravissimo...sono senza
parole..veramente una voce fantastica!
Posted by stefi on 07/09/2007.
stefi grazie O_O

...esageri xo'..

Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/06/2007.
you have a lovely voice, and simple plan
is my favorite band!! so i thik i'm in
Posted by anikanijon on 07/08/2007.
thank you..

I like simple plain too.. ;)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/06/2007.
Detto da te è un complimento grande..!
mi piace tantissimo la tua voce .. :)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 03/29/2007.
Nonostante quel "casino"di cui tu canzone è venuta davvero

Hai un bel timbro di voce.. :)
Posted by Aphrodyte on 03/29/2007.
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