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Age: 32
Hometown: Rome, Italy
About me:
Not the only one who plays piano!
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
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Recorded: 08/11/2007
Notes: Recorded on a lonely saturday afternoon.. my heart cries.. and I've cold.. so don't destroy me with your comments!
I love ur voice!
Posted by haibarawu on 10/12/2011.
Posted by donvito on 10/14/2011.
wow, this is just awsome! =D
Posted by Manga.rock on 08/23/2009.
thank you :)
Posted by donvito on 08/23/2009.
One of my favorite Aerosmith songs and
you've done a fabulous job! What a
sincere, genuinely soulful voice. So
5 stars to you. :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 11/11/2008.
thank you Diane! :)
Posted by donvito on 08/23/2009.
Posted by micca2507 on 05/04/2008.
:) thanks
Posted by donvito on 05/04/2008.
Far more better than Aerosmith. So
please cry no more
Posted by septem2080 on 04/20/2008.
thank you septem!! You're nice as always
Posted by donvito on 04/21/2008.
You still sound great if you say you
have a cold. You play the piano really
Posted by xgalvis on 04/14/2008.
sweet ;)
Posted by put3nabalu on 04/13/2008.
Posted by donvito on 04/13/2008.
Hmmm....just wished I had someone with
your voice to serenade to me....what a
blissful life!
Posted by kunidanif on 04/05/2008.
ehy! this is one of the best comments I
ever had!! You made me so happy with
that :) thank you so much kunidanif!
Posted by donvito on 04/06/2008.
bellissima! 5 stars!
Posted by nd82 on 01/18/2008.
grazie nd82 :)
Posted by donvito on 01/19/2008.
It's really amazing! I like it a lot!
Hope you stopped crying on saturday
Posted by margerette on 12/14/2007.
:) thank you margerette.. you're so
nice.. my heart stopped crying many days
later :((
Posted by donvito on 12/14/2007.
...*__* qst nn l'avevo sentita/vista....
molto bella....=D=D=D bravo marcuccio
Posted by SIMO1988 on 11/24/2007.
Questa canzone sicuramente era la +
azzeccata x un momento triste...!!!
Posted by dJnIk0 on 10/01/2007.
omg. you are amazing!!
Posted by nikii on 08/22/2007.
Why does your heart cry? Poor Donvito...
I prefer this version by you to the one
by Aerosmith to be honest... It's really
beautiful :)
Posted by Vesper on 08/18/2007.
Ehy!!! Che bello ascoltarti ancora! Wow!
How wonderful hear you singing again!!!
I love your voice and the way you use
it! I love your sweetness and strongness
at the same time! Great energy!!
Posted by ilaria on 08/12/2007.
Weeeeeeee chi non muore si rivede! Ciao
Ilaria! Anche te agosto in city? Che
pezza! Grazie per il commento molto
carino :) Aspetto tue nuove rendition!
Posted by donvito on 08/13/2007.
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