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sup. Im Kantwon. Im 15. I sing for fun. School excites me :) Im wut u would call...a NERD (a proud one too) 8^)
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Recorded: 07/24/2008
Notes: Thought id try this one...pretty proud of myself lol eventhough i can never get that first "and she will be loved" part right :) Tell me wut u think!
your transition from chest to head voice
was really good so you have nothing to
worry about...referring to the she will
be loved part that is....=]
Posted by prirox on 04/24/2009.
5 stars from me!
Love your voice!
Posted by ezek123 on 04/21/2015.
I agree with yah, you should be proud!
It was good! the "and she will be loved"
was cool so don't worry bout it!
Posted by playboy on 03/05/2009.
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