Age: 28
About me:
I like to sing...obviously. Check out my songs, add me as a friend and RATE RATE RATE!! I love constructive criticism...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 12/29/2008
Notes: kinda rough but please listen. the last chorus is the best =]
well done check my song tears in heaven
Posted by shmoo on 07/02/2009.
Good job! You have a great voice!
Posted by jobroluver on 02/17/2009.
Nice rendition! Tis style is really good
for you! Sweet sound. :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 02/04/2009.
great rendition and voice toooo, keep it
Posted by shebi on 01/24/2009.
Very good voice and very good singing,
best regards from Adam
Posted by ADAMB on 01/20/2009.
very cool that is
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i
sing in the shower all of the time
Posted by renesmee09 on 01/12/2009.
Good done! Clap clap clap!
Posted by normar on 01/06/2009.
muito boa a musica e sua voz!
Posted by Pizelli on 01/04/2009.
your voice is so beautiful!!!
i love to sing taylor swift songs too(:
Posted by pandabear1 on 01/03/2009.
woww! you are excelent too: )
thnks, hahaaa we like the songs of
taylor swift;D
Posted by lauraam on 01/01/2009.
yea. taylors cute, but im sure if she
has a great voice or not haha but i love
singing her songs in the shower =]
Posted by authority on 01/01/2009.
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