Age: 30
Hometown: Waremme, Liege, Belgium.
About me:
Hey, I'm Charlotte from Monday Morning ! :p --> http://myspace.com/mondaymorn ingtrip <--
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Recorded: 01/15/2008
like the variation in your voice
Posted by intrinsic on 05/21/2014.
Lovely voice!
Posted by Sizca on 11/28/2010.
awesome - 5 stars
Posted by Draconik on 10/18/2009.
u are star in making
Posted by Raptor.13 on 02/19/2009.
so cure voice congratulation
Posted by drica04 on 02/14/2009.
das ist die beste aufnahme hier auf der
Posted by flofli on 08/31/2008.
Wow! Great job! You have beautiful
voice! 5*'s for You!
ps. Invite You to listen my rendition
Posted by Cycu1492 on 07/27/2008.
You have sweet voice, best regards from
Posted by ADAMB on 04/14/2008.
u sing awesome i am going to rate it 5
Posted by mariana1 on 03/19/2008.
omg yu are amazing
Posted by carlymason on 03/02/2008.
i love that song. :)
Posted by karlee111 on 02/05/2008.
wow i want to be able to sing like you
when i am older yu shud have a record
Posted by carlymason on 01/31/2008.
Posted by SalvoGio on 01/30/2008.
Congratulations :-O You're so good...
U've a big beautiful voice...
Posted by SalvoGio on 01/30/2008.
fantastic voice.... !!!! i love your
voice very sweet..... :>
Posted by mr.jayar on 01/28/2008.
you have a really nice voice.
im too scared to sing because im afraid
im like.. tone deaf!

but holy god. you are so good. =]
Posted by venomm. on 01/28/2008.
nice job you have a lovely voice.
Posted by djuba179 on 01/27/2008.
you have a really good voice!!
Posted by rim on 01/26/2008.
I absolutely love you!!
I'm adding you to my favs NOW!!:D
And I have a cousin in Belgium, Bryssel
Posted by Mirre on 01/26/2008.
oh my god i feel so creepy.it is so
fantastic,if i could give you 100
stars,i'd like to give you,so i can give
you only 5 sorry:-) you are amazing,keep
it up:-)
Posted by andy_cz on 01/26/2008.
Posted by Keyvan on 01/25/2008.
good job!!!!!!!!!
Posted by orlandoola on 01/25/2008.
wwooww ur voice is damn gud... u really
ve d talent...
Posted by Nelcarly on 01/25/2008.
wow, you are so good! I'm impressed
with your talent..
Posted by hiroko on 01/25/2008.
Salut! why-shine :)
Votre sons est très bonne!
...keep it up (=^・^=)

Posted by ryuceko3 on 01/25/2008.
first time i listen to this song.
one thing i would like to say agout ur
voice is mind blowing
Posted by deardevil on 01/24/2008.
I don't know this song, you sound
Posted by rogue78 on 01/24/2008.
I love this song! Great rendition!
Posted by Elliekins on 01/24/2008.
wow! i love your style of singing! tres
belle !
Posted by ursulaeb on 01/24/2008.
wow...you'r voice is beautiful=) keep
out =)=)..please comment me back
Posted by ErikAvril on 01/24/2008.
héhé merci ^^
Posted by why-shine on 01/19/2008.
you have very nice voice :)
Posted by nikii on 01/19/2008.
just so beautiful... =')
Posted by Chick04 on 01/17/2008.
Oh wow I really like your voice.I am
going to add you as favorite and keep
listening. that voice has star
quality. 5 stars
Posted by summer309 on 01/16/2008.
Super :-)
Posted by Fanch on 01/15/2008.
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