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Age: 35
Hometown: Västerås
About me:
Check out my band! http://www.youtube.com /roadkilljoey
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Recorded: 10/06/2007
Notes: Just learned this song today...I think its the best song from their latest album.
Wow, you are absolutely amazing. Great
Posted by Musician96 on 09/04/2015.
Also, what tuning are playing in,
because I play a B Minor at the start in
standard tuning.
Posted by Musician96 on 09/04/2015.
Great voice !! :)
Posted by Mona. on 04/13/2012.
nice vioce
Posted by rockinsum on 04/02/2008.
Nice one
Posted by theflash on 10/17/2007.
Posted by KUSA on 10/16/2007.
Posted by vvalopa on 10/16/2007.
super!!!u should be a superstar i think
!!!keep recording in here,i'd love to
hear more from you!!i try to learn the
guitar..it is hard but i love it!!hope
to see you rround!! :))
Posted by BARBIE_ART on 10/15/2007.
wow....keep it up man...5 from me
Posted by amateur on 10/15/2007.
Wow man, you really sound like Deryck
Wibley, KUDOS!!! =)
Posted by WIreRazor on 10/12/2007.
Posted by majid on 10/12/2007.
Posted by kamyar on 10/11/2007.
very nice job!=D
Posted by SIMO1988 on 10/11/2007.
Oh man that´s great!!! Use your voice
for record!!!
Posted by Werner25 on 10/10/2007.
Just two words: very good!
Posted by mingming on 10/10/2007.
You just learned it today??
I feel you have already masterd this
Cooool rendition!
Posted by karakara on 10/08/2007.
It is their best, though the rest of the
songs are a bit lackluster compared to
their old work. You did a good rendition
of it Mike, great job.
Posted by zBlade on 10/06/2007.
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