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Recorded: 09/11/2012
Notes: *When singing random songs in the morning just for the sake of it isn't healthy... you end up raving in English about things you were unaware of...* - and since I love myself so much, I decided to ridicule myself cutting some parts of the song just to let you hear what comes after.. ummm...
ehhh! Good work for an early singing! :)
You made me laugh this morning, You My
Cool Angel ^_^
Posted by sparchead on 07/18/2015.
Hahahahahahah oh gosh what have you
found here!! :))) don't even question
about anything hahah.. but I'm happy you
liked it, despite the nonsense :P
Posted by simmy on 07/18/2015.
Ohhh what? Haha well ya know, sometimes
things doesn't have to make sense to be
great :p I'm usually allergic to this
song in its original version, but sung
by you it's totally another world.. Man!
^o^ humm wait, I thought I heard young
girl somewhere ;)
Posted by sparchead on 07/18/2015.
God.. I'm actually watching the parody
on youtube.. I love his socks.. mouhaha
^0^ But I dunno what's the worst in all
of this..
Posted by sparchead on 07/18/2015.
for sure much better than the Finish

check it here:

Think you will smile... at least...

Since your version, YMCA now means:

Y Young
M Mad
C Crazy
A Amazone

Posted by Mike_P on 10/13/2012.
Simmy, you've got me thinking of this
again as a "real" song, LOL. (It has
become some sort joke-song, lately. We
only hear it when somebody is making a
joke, it seems, these days.)

But I like it again. (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 09/30/2012.
Really? Well.. I made a sort of joke of
it too, right? :))
Posted by simmy on 10/01/2012.
No, I took you seriously! LoL.
Posted by HowardH on 10/01/2012.
Why, thank you! :D hahah..
Posted by simmy on 10/01/2012.
lovely singing mam sorry man."young
man""young man".and and....???
Posted by glowworm on 09/11/2012.
Thank you, worm!
Posted by simmy on 09/11/2012.
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