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Recorded: 03/30/2008
Notes: Well, now trying with the higher registry, if I gave Elvis a go, why not with this ?;) Its such a beautiful song, hope you like it even if my voice couldn't possibly match Frances Black, but it was a real pleasure to sing it ! :-) Ah!its a devocalised track so Im sorry if there are some strage sound or echo effects there, this is the best I could manage, thank you! ---------------------------- MP3 link: http://fallingstar73.blogspot.com/
Posted by CupCake_6 on 06/28/2011.
Thanks CupCake, for your lovely comment
and so sorry for replying so late! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/17/2012.
I love your voice. And, I have never
heard this song before?
Posted by MonaBishop on 06/20/2011.
Thanks Mona, glad to introduce you to
this lovely Celtic singer, Frances
Black :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/17/2012.
Hello, You have a beautiful voice, sweet
to listen, very nice. I love it...
Posted by mickydoo on 11/16/2010.
Thanks so much!! :)))
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/17/2012.
Frances Black??
I always thought this was an original
song by Mónica. Ahaha, kidding of
course. But what is true is that I'll
always associate this song with you,
kiddo! Well done.
Posted by HowardH on 09/02/2010.
Uhhh and for a second I didn't recognize
you lol So you shared the dinosaurs
joke here too hehehe
Thanks Howie, I remember when I used to
listen to this song, long before I sang
it.. always liked it so much, it has
such a special "atmosphere", don't you
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/17/2012.
(^_^) Creo que Si
Posted by HowardH on 09/17/2012.
Oh, Mónica, ¡me encanta esta
interpretación tuya!

Me levanto para aplaudirte y te mando
un besote.
Posted by Conchita on 05/01/2009.
Y yo me pongo colorada como un tomate
después de recibir tremendo comentario
de tan tremenda artista y amiga!!! :)))
Gracias cielo, un besazo!!!!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/03/2009.
well done monica your voice is always
good and sweet i love all your
recordings u r so talented and
perfectionist too and i love that.the
song is so wonderful regarding your
voice pf course:);) i'm speechless each
time i am amazed u did a fabulous job
congratulations dear friend big 5
shining stars*****.kisses and sweet hugs
Posted by sweetsoni on 05/01/2009.
Wooooow oh my, what a comment, so many
compliments, *^_^* thank you so much my
dear Sonia, you are so kind!!! Lots of
kisses and hugs for you too my sweet
friend, thanks from the heart! :)))))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/03/2009.
Monica!!! Onde eu estava que não ouvi
esta bela canção??? Eu estava cega!!!
(I was blind!!!LOL). My poor english
doesn't let me understand what people
sings but, your english is sooooo clean
that I can understand all the lyrics.
Thanksssssss! A sky full of starsssss
for uuuuuuu!
Posted by Rayo on 04/27/2009.
Gracias Rayito!!! This is a bit of an
old song now, it has been here for more
than a year now and I am very happy to
see so many friends here discovering it
now (^_^) Ohh and so great you could
understand my english, it is a bit of a
sad song but with a happy ending ;)
Thanks sweetie!!!
Ahh you can listen to the mp3 too if
you like, the link is up there :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/03/2009.
With all that publicity around, I didn't
remember if I came here before, but
no...I was not yet born at midomi. Ho, I
don't hear any strange things at the
sound, only your delicious voice ! BTW,
do you still have some of those happy
pills rest ? And euhh, if somebody dares
to tell you lies again, you may use my
uzi's in return if you like !
Posted by misspronce on 04/25/2009.
Gracias Lara!!! :))) I am so glad to
see you here, I can't believe it has
been more than a year since I recorded
Ohh yes, the happy pills, jajajjaa I
still have some... actually I am taking
them these days cause my poor jaw
doesn't stop cracking, yay!!
Thanks for the uzi's offer, I will keep
it in mind, it might come very handy....
:D :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/27/2009.
Ahh I added the mp3 link for this song
too , in case you want to listen to it
properly! ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/27/2009.
Oh yes, that mp3 makes a difference !!
My ears are thanking you ! One of these
days, you should explain me what is
happening with your jaw...I think I
missed something somewhere, someone gave
you a "too big and rude hugh" ? :D ,
"soft" hugh dear....
Posted by misspronce on 04/27/2009.
Hmmmm maybe too many ADO's? ;) Nooo,
ajjaja just kidding! I can never get
enough of them... It is an injury I've
had for more than 15 years now, and it
is not painful most of the time, but
when it is.... :´(
Thanks for listening to the MP3 but
most of all thanks for your soft hug , I
was kind of needing it :))) *mwaaah*
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/03/2009.
No ragazza tu DEVI CANTARE da
professionista.Questa redition non è
normale si sente oltre la stupenda voce
la dolcezza e l'anima di chi la sta
cantando e dopo aver sentito questa e
tell him del duo Pagarvi/giglio mi sa
che mi ritiro definitivamente dal canto
AHAHAAHAHAH).Mil y mil y mil besos mia
querida amiga .............
Posted by brusal57 on 04/25/2009.
Jajajjaja nooooooo, don't go away!!!
Stay!!! :D Sí? Recuerda que tenemos
algo pendiente, yo no me olvido!
Gracias mi querido amigo por tan dulce
comentario, y por darme tantos ánimos,
me has hecho muy muy feliz!!! TQM!!! ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/27/2009.
Hi, Moni.
I came here to listen "again" but I
didn't recognize the title, and I see
now that I've never commented here

Very tricky, Moni!
One might say "sly".
Ajajaja. Kidding.

I'm listening to the transitions
between the devocalized parts. Pretty
smooth! Well done. But yeah, now that
you point them out, I can hear it a

Lovely song. Lovely singing.
Posted by HowardH on 04/25/2009.
Gracias por venir Howie! :) Yes, this
was one of the first songs I used the
devocaliser with, and it was fun to do!
Shame that it doesn't work so well with
all the songs :(

Have you listened to the stereo
version? I think it sounds better than
this one ;-)
Gracias cariño!!!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/27/2009.
What a difference!
..the MP3 and Midomi's.
It's really hard to believe these are
same recording!

You sing even better in MP3, Móni!
Posted by HowardH on 04/27/2009.
Jajajjajaja , I will try to sing on MP3
more just for you jajajjaja
(^__^) Besitooooooooos!!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/03/2009.
Very nice in the higher register! This
just proves your voice is beautiful no
matter what! This is sweet and gentle. 5
stars gently blowing toward you for this
lovely song Moni. :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 11/24/2008.
Ohhhh you found this one too! :D Yes, I
loved this folk song and I decided to
give it a try even if its in a higher
register than usual! Your comment on
this one is extra special to me , thanks
hun! Many many kisses and hugs for you
Posted by Fallingsta on 11/30/2008.
Posted by sainzlu on 10/22/2008.
Muchas gracias sainzlu!!!! :))))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 11/30/2008.
tienes una vos que acaricia... Dios te
dio un gran talento... aprovechalo al
maximo,adems eres muy sencilla y buena
honda,como siempre no tengo mas
estrellas para darte que estas... besoss
Posted by ckarla on 08/10/2008.
Oh Carla, mi niña, que palabras tan
lindas, gracias de todo corazón,
significan mucho! Un beso muy grande
para tí cielo! :)))
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/12/2008.
oh my god...u have got such soulful
voice....count me in ur die hard
Posted by baabi on 07/23/2008.
Baabi, thank you sooo very much for your
kind comment!! :))))) Besos!
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/23/2008.
Wow what a voice amiga. Really great
rendition. You are a pro dear, Well
done!! Muchos besossss my dear. Rudy
oh yeah, 5 stars for you.
Posted by rudyjansen on 07/16/2008.
Hola Rudy! It made me really so happy
that you liked this song! :))) Muchas
gracias!! Y muchos besoooosss y abrazos
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/18/2008.
It seems you going to take Connie
Frances place. You very good with music
or not.Good luck for a rosy future
Posted by dollysolo on 07/09/2008.
Thank you dollysolo, you're so very
kind, I am glad you liked this
rendition! :-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/10/2008.
a very nice song listen to my song top
of the world
Posted by shmoo on 05/17/2008.
Oops sorry shmoo I hadn't seen your
comment till now! Thanks ,I will visit
you! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/10/2008.

Another heartfelt song sung so
beautifully. Not an easy song to sing,
for many reasons, but like always, you
shine through.a thousand stars for
Posted by cheko on 04/13/2008.
oh cheko, what a nice comment, thank you
soooo much! Thanks for appreciating the
difficulty of the song, you're right,
it was a bit hard in places and I am so
happy that you liked it! A thousand
kisses for you, hun!! :)))))))))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/13/2008.
is this you , fallingsta , singing ? i
bet the original score is exactly the
same . girl , you're fantastic !
Posted by taslimld on 04/07/2008.
*blushes* thanks my friend!!! besos!!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/08/2008.
I enjoy listening to this song when I am
alone in my room..brings tears to my
Posted by kunidanif on 04/06/2008.
Kuni, you almost brought tears to my
eyes now when I read your comment....
I'm very happy that you enjoy this song
and that it moves you, its the best
compliment I could get, so thank you
hun! I just hope that you listen to
something happier after it, I don't want
to make you sad! ;-) MUAHHHHHHHHHHh
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/06/2008.
Hi! Your singing voice gently
encompasses me. Thank you!
Posted by INKYO on 04/05/2008.
INKYO, thank you for listening and for
your nice comment , I am glad that my
singing gives you nice feelings, you are
really kind!!! :))) Hugs for you, my
friend :-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/05/2008.
Oh sweetie Fallingsta...I am falling in
love with your voice hun, really am! ;-)
I love this style of yours...very
classy!!! huhuhu! you made me cry
hun...really sweet voice!!! and the song
very sad indeed!!! BUT I LOVED IT! Five
Stars is not enough...*MUAAAHHH*
Posted by mitchie on 04/03/2008.
Hola mitchie!! Thank you so much hon,
you are always so kind and so
supportive, thank you thank you thank
you! :) Im sorry I made you cry! But I
always get emotional too when I hear
this song... ;) Muchos besos y
abrazos amiga!! MUAHHHHHHHHHHH

Ahh and thanks for the add too!!! ;-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/03/2008.
what I lost , o my God what I lost! you
are brilliantly, so special song dear,
it is pleasure to hear for my soul.
Posted by mirefel on 04/02/2008.
Thanks mirela, my good friend! I thought
you might liked this song, it has so
much feeling on it , I tried to make a
good rendition but listen to the
original too, its such a sad song but so
beautiful! Thanks dear, you made me
happy once again, lots of kisses for
you, angel!!! :))))))))))))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/02/2008.
Thanks mirela, my good friend! I thought
you might liked this song, it has so
much feeling on it , I tried to make a
good rendition but listen to the
original too, its such a sad song but so
beautiful! Thanks dear, you made me
happy once again, lots of kisses for
you, angel!!! :))))))))))))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/02/2008.
Ahh y gracias por añadirla en tu lista
tambien!! wow, gracias de corazon!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/02/2008.
Can't help it...am listening to this
song over and over again...
Posted by kunidanif on 04/02/2008.
Aww thanks kuni!!! Means a lot to me
that you like this song, really, Im
flattered! Kisses! :-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/02/2008.
woooooooow thats so great!!!!
such a beautiful voice..<3
Posted by lala9x on 04/02/2008.
Thank you soooo much for such a nice
comment lala9x,wow! :-)))))
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/02/2008.
i think i am fallin' for that voice...
Posted by mr_wow702 on 04/01/2008.
Aww what a sweet comment!! thank you
very much mr_wow702 for your kind words!
Kisses! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/02/2008.
¡Beautiful, cantas precioso Fall,
estrellas siempre para tí !!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 04/01/2008.
Gracias Patri, mi niña, qué buena
eres,un abrazo para tí! :-D
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/02/2008.
Beautiful as always...the voice and the
voice control ... perfect
Posted by kunidanif on 03/31/2008.
oh thank you kani for your kind
comment!! Im very happy that you liked
my rendition! :) kisses!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/01/2008.
Posted by saverio on 03/31/2008.
Ohhh saverio thank you once again, more
kisses for you!!! xxxxx
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/31/2008.
Thank you so much my dear friend Gerard!
your comment on this song is specially
appreciated , since this certainly
isn't a very popular song and as I
mentioned in the notes, I wasn't too
sure about it ... but you know I like
challenges from time to time ;-)
thanks for your lovely comment, lots of
kisses and a big hug !!! :-D
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/31/2008.
hi my fallingsta:D

This song is like a breeze of southern
island. but I dont know lyrics .

you always made me happy!
Posted by rikizo on 03/30/2008.
Hi my dear Rikizo! What a beautiful
comment, awww, thank you so much once
again for always being there listening
to my songs and being so kind to me ..,
and thanks for adding it to your list!
Lots of love and a biiiiig kiss! :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
Delicious, I loved this gentle folky
song, so different to lots of your other
songs. Lovely easy, unstrained singing
from the Queen of Midomi.

So, we'll make a folkie of you yet, eh?

It's curious that my song popped up
next to this, as it doesn't sound
anything like it! The mysteries of
recommended songs......!
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/30/2008.

w00fie, you liked it! :D It means a
lot to me , really it does,.. Its very
very different from most of my other
recordings but I like so many different
styles... and this song certanly got me
the first time I listened to it ( in a
celtic compillation)

You are so kind, thank you from the
heart for such lovely comment (even if
my face is red hot still from the
blushing!! ) BESOSSSS!!!! :)

Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
Ahh gracias Lu! Well yes I try my best
but I think I sound better in a lower
range, don't you think ? This was a bit
of an experiment heehe YOU really are
good with the high notes as I already
told you sooo many times kkkkkkk! Mas
besitos para ti ! :-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
Very high and very low. You go, girl.
Posted by septem2080 on 03/30/2008.
Awww Dewi, thank you!! Im very happy you
liked this one! :-D besos!
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
dear Fallingsta^^
Very beautiful voice.
I like your vocal very much!!
Posted by typing_ayu on 03/30/2008.
Oh Ayu thank you !! It always make me
sooo happy when you comment on my songs,
its an honour for me! And you added it
to your list too, aww thank you so so
much my friend! I really feel honoured!
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
No strange sound, the recording is good
and your voice excellent! ..even if
something tells me you should be
recording something else.. (??what?) :D
Posted by Heracleum on 03/30/2008.
Hahaha I was just warming my voice (ahum
ahum) hahahaha Actually I recorded this
yesterday but my PC didn't want to
cooperate! grrrr
Im already working on what Im supposed
to be working, I took my happy pills
and now Im ready for anything ! :-P
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
Hmm just to clarify:
"happy pills" = pills for avery
painful muscle contracture that when U
take them make me feel like floating,
lol , I don't want to give people the
wrong idea! :-P
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
I meant when "I" take them,,, see,, they
are working already , lol, I can't even
type properly now ! Hmm this is getting
silly now, sorry Heracleum! :-P
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
eheh Ok go on like this and you'll get
disqualified for doping :D
Posted by Heracleum on 03/30/2008.
Perooo Hera.. what a rude comment!! :D
I also forgot to tell you this song was
wonderfully sung ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 07/24/2008.
Ahaha I really got tied up in my words ,
didn't I? ;)
Everytime I read your "dopping"
comment I start laughing, who can blame
you for saying that after I mentioned my
"happy pills" ! (oooh they were sooo
good!) :P

Gracias por visitarme de nuevo, me
alegro mucho de que te gustara Folkie
Monie! ;) *besitos*
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/24/2008.
Oh my I still can't believe I wrote that
bad-mannered first comment, sounds like
"huh! what about doing your homework
laddie?!" :D

*For those wondering, she was supposed
to record her (then wonderful) "Don't
give up" track for our duet :D
Posted by Heracleum on 04/27/2009.
Hé don't take profit to make some
publicity here ! I think it was
obviously clear...;)
Posted by misspronce on 04/27/2009.
Yes, this is lovely F.
It's great that you can do high and low
pitch, you talented thing you! xxxx 5
Posted by fonzie on 03/30/2008.
Uhh you were quick here and the first
commenting too , thank you so much
hun!! :-) Another song that's not very
popular and Im glad you enjoyed it!
Posted by Fallingsta on 03/30/2008.
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