really ought to go and practice her ukulele. She is feeling slightly despondent about it........
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Hometown: Llanelli, Dyfed, Wales
About me:
A year of singing in a choir makes me think I can't sing at all.
w00fdawg, with apologies to West Side Story
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Recorded: 02/26/2008
Notes: One for the site owners................ meant to be tongue in cheek, honest.............
What a ingenious idea!!!!! :D :D
Posted by simmy on 02/06/2011.
Haha love it because i did just find
Posted by eriseD on 01/22/2011.
Hi w00fdawg.
I am enjoy your ange'voice!!
SO beautiful your song my dear!!!
Congratulations, is the best song to
Posted by pagarvi on 12/08/2008.
This site means a lot to so many of us,
preserving our favourite songs and
singing our hearts out. I am so glad you
enjoyed my little tribute, and the kind
way you spoke about this song epitomises
the reasons why I sang it!

Thank you Pagarvi, you are the sweetest
and kindest :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 12/08/2008.
lol :D:D love it - 5 stars
Posted by m00shy on 08/28/2008.
Thank you, thank you once again. Sorry
to have taken so long to respond :) You
are too kind!
Posted by w00fdawg on 10/07/2008.
That really was wonderful...So original
and yet so classic. :D
Posted by pranay on 07/31/2008.
I am delighted that you enjoyed it, you
are very kind Pranay!
Posted by w00fdawg on 07/31/2008.
Posted by toby75uk on 07/30/2008.
I wonder why some people call you weird,
can't think why! Very original comment
Posted by w00fdawg on 07/31/2008.
Posted by johnlennon on 05/12/2008.
LOL JohnLennon dearie, surprised you
haven't come across this bit of nonsense
before, thanks very much for your kind
comment as always!
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/12/2008.
WOW..amazing...its so coool..i made all
ma frnds hear it..every1 loved
it..including me...!!!
Cool lyrics..A TRIBUTE TO MIDOMI!!
Posted by asumstar on 05/12/2008.
Well, thank you so much for saying all
that, that is so kind to you, and Midomi
does deserve a tribute, we all love it!

Hope your friends enjoyed it too!
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/12/2008.
LOL yes, I had an idle moment and
thought of this variant of the lyrics to
Maria, it was a perfect fit and just
thought I would dedicate a song to this
wonderful site!

Thanks for your comment, Pri, always
much appreciated!
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/12/2008.
amazing.......did u make this??? LOVE
it.............!!!!!!!!!!! =O
Posted by prirox on 05/08/2008.
Thank you, thank you cemcon. Just a bit
of fun :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/04/2008.
haha It's wonderful!(^^)
Posted by cemcon on 03/04/2008.
Thank you Josie - always glad to have
comments, it's nice to have a bit of a
giggle in here while we warble along.
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/02/2008.
lol this is great!! ;D
Posted by josie_poa on 03/01/2008.
LOL this is fantastic w00fie! So
creative and you sound so good, no
wonder you got featured, well deserved!
;-) We have a new midomi theme song! :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/28/2008.
Thank you so much, I hope someone else
will have a go at thinking of songs
suitable for Midomi, this one seems to
fit so well. I really appreciate your
comments, and really, I was just have
some fun!
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/28/2008.
u did an amazing job five stars
Posted by ozoneroman on 02/28/2008.
You are so kind, Ozoneroman, I really
appreciate this.
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/28/2008.
Wow :) wonderful idea :)
Posted by puramnesia on 02/28/2008.
Thank you, thank you - well, Midomi fits
the song so well! It was nice to have a
bit of a giggle with the name and the
song. I am glad you enjoyed it.
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/28/2008.
Nice :)
Posted by Mr2001 on 02/28/2008.
Hehe - I know you like the crazy stuff,
so thanks for your comment. Much
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/28/2008.
can't believe you did this without
laughing, you sound so serious! :D You
sound fantastic as always :)
Posted by Vesper on 02/28/2008.
Haw - I did feel like laughing Vesper,
as it was so silly. But that would have
spoiled things, so I tried to be dead
pan. You are so very kind about my
singing, it was just a bit of fun.
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/28/2008.
Congratulations w00fie,,,you did a
wonderful job... :)
Posted by mitchie on 02/28/2008.
Thank you so much Mitchie - you are
always so kind!
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/28/2008.
OMG I am featured - now I wonder why?
LOL thanks to the site owners, bless
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/28/2008.
(As long as Leonard Bernstein and
Stephen Sondheim don't sue me, I'll be
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/27/2008.
Haaaahahahahaha...can't stop laughing,
w00fie...you must have had that scotch
and soda after listening to Howard's
song, that's for sure, and that's how
you found inspiration for this one,
right? It makes for a great story,
anyway. LOL

What can I say? Extremely entertaining,
and I believe that interval Kevin is
talking about is a 9th, which would be
the same as the beginning of The
Simpsons song. Mariaaaa... = The
Simpsons... lol It doesn't really
sound scary, I would say kind of 'on the
clouds' surreal... :)

Take care, w00fie, and if I were you, I
would arrange to copyright this version
RIGHT NOW!!! lol
Posted by canelita on 02/26/2008.
Hehehe - glad you enjoyed it Canelita -
I swear I didn't have a Scotch and Soda
(hic). Gosh, all this info, too.

I don't mind, Canelita, if loads of
people copy this song - I am sure the
words could be improved (although I
chuckled about the "sing it soft, and
there's still music playing" bit). Once
I got the idea in my head, I just
thought I'd sing it - I am singing
awfully loud in places, but I swear I
was sober!

I am so glad you had fun listening, and
thank you so much for your comments.
It's nice to have a bit of fun with
well-known songs (and obscure ones).
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/27/2008.
Very creative!

One interesting thing about this song
is that the note interval between
"Ma-ria" is called the "devil's
interval" because if you play it on the
piano, it sounds...scary!

Sounds wonderful when you sing though
Posted by kevin on 02/26/2008.
That is very interesting info, Kevin -
the devil's interval - spooky! I just
sung this for fun, and the site name
fitted so well. Thank you so much for
commenting and being nice about it.
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/27/2008.
Awww - what can I say - so I will say -
Thanks a lot :) I was just having a bit
of fun, and it just occurred to me how
well "Midomi" fitted into
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/26/2008.
You now officially my favorite!
Posted by majid on 02/26/2008.
Meant to say: You "are" now officially
my favorite :)
Posted by majid on 02/26/2008.
Message understood, and appreciated :P
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/26/2008.
Thank you :)
Posted by Keyvan on 02/26/2008.
Well, I thank you and your colleagues
for this site! Midomi just fits this
song so well :)

Thanks to you all, once again.
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/26/2008.
w00fdawg, you never cease to amaze!
Posted by Amir on 02/26/2008.
Well, who wouldn't want to keep that
smile on your face, Amir?

See how you have inspired me to write?
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/26/2008.
Well done w00fdawg!!!
Posted by kamyar on 02/26/2008.
Thank you so much - glad you liked it :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/26/2008.
Our new theme song!
(applause!) (applause!) (applause!)
Posted by HowardH on 02/26/2008.
Teehee and thank you so much for all the
applause - I am glad you enjoyed it -
doesn't the song lyric (with minor
adaptations) fit Midomi to a T?
Posted by w00fdawg on 02/26/2008.
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