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Age: 37
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme
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Recorded: 03/24/2007
Notes: another multi-track.
whooh! intense! :D
Posted by hidden on 08/11/2007.
wowowowowowoow es autenticoooooo!!!
Genial. Un beso desde España. De
verdad, ya teneis una fan mas.
Posted by K-ArI on 08/03/2007.
Thank you all for your comments. :)
Posted by Mr2001 on 07/31/2007.
hahahah that's so badass! i wondered
when people would start doing
multitrack/semi-mastered stuff. bravo!
Posted by slurpee on 07/31/2007.
Oh my god. That rules! As I repeatedly
clicked 5 stars, I proudly exclaimed: "I
hope you can see this, because I'm doing
it as hard as I can..."
Posted by vassoom on 07/31/2007.
LOL! I almost got a T-shirt that said
that at Hot Topic a few weeks ago!
Hilarious! :)
Posted by spazzy on 07/31/2007.
Oh lord... this is so awesome it's
making me teary! Haha! Sweet vocals,
dude. :)
Posted by spazzy on 07/30/2007.
This was great!
Posted by dwdrums203 on 07/07/2007.
Haha! You continue to amuse me ;)
Great show..and I just dont think
anyone can top this song ;)

Who did you get to the do the
Posted by Tinuel on 04/21/2007.
I did it myself with Cool Edit Pro. The
background is one recording (looped at
the end), then I recorded the lyrics on
top of it, added "my name is..." at the
beginning, and messed with the volume
and timing for a while. Once it was all
mixed, I just played it back while
recording on here.

I did the same thing with my version of
Bongo Bong, but that one took a lot more
Posted by Mr2001 on 04/21/2007.
This is hilarious :)
Posted by edawgg34 on 03/28/2007.
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