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Recorded: 12/31/2009
Notes: Rap Rieplinger was a Hawaiian comedian who did a lot of his routines singing along to the tune of popular songs. I recently recorded "Tell Laura I Love Her", so it seems like a good time to try this one.
Do you play a Ukalille? or what
ever.....sounds good...make more of this
Howard.....Happy new year!!!!!!
Well it sounds not as "Rap" haha...
Posted by rosamusic on 12/29/2011.
Hi, Gégé! Happy New Year to you!

Hahaha, it's old-style "Rap".

Yeah, I was playing a "toy" ukulele
here. (Since then, I bought a real one,
heh-heh, musician quality.)

But now I can't record ANYTHING at
Midomi!! The "Studio" recorder won't
work! I have been trying many things to
fix it, but no good. My recording days
are over at Midomi, I fear. (@[email protected])
Posted by HowardH on 12/29/2011.
hawiian accent.??... me ,i can not
distinguish between the american english
and the hawaiian accent... i can also
not recognize the difference between
the english of a new yorker , and a
texas english.... yes i am from
switzerland..... * _* but i think in
switzerland its the same....the accent
from zurich is very different as the
schaffhausian accent and no foreigner
can it recognize at first... for him its
all the same hahahaha..
Posted by chanteuse1 on 12/29/2011.
(Haha, @ Shaffhausian!
In the countryside, yes?)
Yes, exactly right, Dani. Local accents
would be very difficult for a foreigner
to recognize, so that was why -- when
you commented on the spoken parts -- I
thought I should mention to you that
that is not my normal way of speaking.
(Not to say that it is a good Hawaiian
accent, LOL.)

Happy New Year!
Posted by HowardH on 12/29/2011.
happy new year to you
Posted by chanteuse1 on 12/30/2011.
sooooooooooooooo nice,howie! i like the
spoken parts....... you are a real
comedian or.......... stars for you
************************************ ***
Posted by chanteuse1 on 12/28/2011.
(^_^) Thanks, Dani. I had fun doing
this. (In the spoken parts, I am trying
my best to speak with a Hawaiian accant,
Posted by HowardH on 12/28/2011.
...Hawaiian accent...
Posted by HowardH on 12/28/2011.
:D ('nuff said...)
Posted by Mr_Bassman on 04/06/2010.
Posted by HowardH on 04/06/2010.
Although I can't understand the lyrics,
I laugh a lot with your "Donald
Duck"...seemed like Donald
Very good Howard, I didn't know that
YOU ARE a comedian!!!
Beijos, Rayane.
Posted by Rayo on 01/22/2010.
Help, Rayane! Save me.
I'm drowning.
Posted by HowardH on 01/22/2010.
well done
aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! you are so funny
till tears mwaaaaaaaaaaah
Posted by sweetsoni on 01/22/2010.
Posted by HowardH on 01/22/2010.
:O Geee!
Posted by diva-br on 01/22/2010.
Hey, midomi got crazyyy! LOL The msg was
supposed to go after listening to your
voice msg to Rayito, hahahahaha...
Posted by diva-br on 01/22/2010.
Posted by simmy on 12/27/2011.
Posted by HowardH on 12/27/2011.
Alohaaaaa! LOL
Geee, Howie!!! Incredibly good, boy!!!
Hahahahaha... The part of 'drowning' was
simply superb. :D
And you know what? If I were that Fate
cheer-leader, I'd go for a deep dive
into the ocean, without any life-jacket
just to 'meet' you there. :P
Great one, meu querido, you're always
surprising, never obvious, we can expect
anything when we come to your page,
obrigada for such great moments, and
starsssss, and beijosssss,
Posted by diva-br on 01/22/2010.
Aloha, Diva dahlink.
LOL. Funny song, yeah?
But! Always wear your wet suit in da
ocean! And bring a life jacket for me.

Yeah, Midomi puts our comments in ANY
order it wants to now. Crazy, eh? At
first we all assumed it would be fixed
in a day or two, but it has been MONTHS
now. We're almost getting used to it.
Posted by HowardH on 01/22/2010.
new song i haven't heard about it
wooooooooo abit late so sorry howi never
too late right.well it is new nice and
so much funny this song lol i tok
pleasure in listening i adore
it**************************plenty of
kissessssssssssssss ciaoooooooooo!!!
Posted by sweetsoni on 01/22/2010.
Halo, sweeti.
Ahaha, yes, this is a comedy song, just
for fun. Thanks for listening. But I
have another song que je veux que tu

J'aimerais bien reçevoir ton
Posted by HowardH on 01/22/2010.
The drowning "ghfaghte yaghnaghi igh
lghve youghggh" was brilliant! ahah I
was like :0 huh?!? what!? At first I
thought about Donald Duck :D Then I saw
in the video ehe he probably recorded it
after drinking a glass of water or
mouthwash.. I imagine it's not easy to
do that live with an ukulele in both
hands :)
(thank you I discovered something
totally new)
Posted by Heracleum on 01/21/2010.
'Ats no glass o' watah! He was drowning!
(I just used my uvula, LOL.)

I'd never seen that video, LOL
Ooh, dat Fate Yanagi is a real looker,
yeah? An' nice da kines.
Posted by HowardH on 01/22/2010.
Posted by HowardH on 01/22/2010.
are you sure she's Fate? or Faith? odd
to name a daughter as Fate, dont you
Posted by septem2080 on 01/11/2010.
I always ThOuGht it WAS 'Faith' when I
only had a pirated cassette of this
album. But when I later bought my own
copy of the CD, I saw the title was
"Fate". Go figure.

Welcome back, Yayi.
How was your trip?
(LOL, I'm trying to get the full story
out of you somehow.)
Posted by HowardH on 01/11/2010.
trip was ok. shopping was ok. but the
travel companion was such a pain. blah.
that was a looooong 42 hour of my life
Posted by septem2080 on 01/11/2010.
Ahaha, your nephew, right?
How old is he?
Posted by HowardH on 01/11/2010.
I wonder how many other versions there
exist..? Who knows ? I like your talking
in the song, and this ukulele could
become your personal "signature" from
now on ! A very "creative" rendition
Posted by misspronce on 01/06/2010.
Yes, "Tell Laura..." is definitely RIPE
for musical parody, haha. So there must
have been MANY take-offs on it.
Thanks, Lara-Lemon, for commenting.
Posted by HowardH on 01/07/2010.
That was great Howie, you did a great
job..well done...All stars for you my
friend. keep singing, rudy
Posted by rudyjansen on 01/05/2010.
Hi, Rudy. Thanks so much for coming to
listen, and for leaving a kind comment.
This is just a musical parody, but the
original song is a real classic, eh?
Posted by HowardH on 01/05/2010.
Jajaja hey what a spin ! you made me
laugh, maybe I shouldn't but oh my
those lyrics lol But one thing is sure,
you are good at telling stories :)) So
I might think about some other songs for
you? ;) hehehe
Posted by Fallingsta on 01/05/2010.
It's a funny song, isn't it!
Glad you enjoyed it, Moni.

Here's an even funnier story:
My niece grew up listening to Rap
Reiplinger's comedy cuz her parents have
this "Poi Dog" album. She's 20 years
old now, and she heard me playing "Tell
Laura I Love Her" on her brand new
ukulele on Christmas Day. She said "So
that song 'Fate Yanagi' was based on a
real song?" Hahaha! Hahahahahahaha!
Posted by HowardH on 01/05/2010.
A new photo and an ukelele!!! WOW!
congratulations ...hahahah!!! you are
so so creative dear Howard!!! Wonderful
****** ***** ******.....
Posted by pagarvi on 01/03/2010.
Hola Patty. Feliz anyo nuevo.
Gracias por tus commentarios.
Y las estrellitas. Y playlistar!
Posted by HowardH on 01/03/2010.
Hi, Simona. Happy 2010!
Thanks for commenting.

Ahhh, but THIS time it really IS a
UKULELE, ohoho! Not a guitar.

(Near the end, I was trying to sound as
if I were UNDER WATER. I see it didn't
work, LOL.)
Posted by HowardH on 01/01/2010.
Dear Howie,
Very very good, very light-hearted
singing and haha, AND you're really one
creative composer!!!
A Million stars for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, xH*_*
Posted by xiaohong on 01/01/2010.
Hi, xH. Thanks for commenting, and
thanks for playlisting! But it wasn't me
who re-wrote these lyrics. No, it was
Rap Reiplinger. He did a lot of his
comedy this way.
Posted by HowardH on 01/01/2010.
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